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Board of Trustees Parent Election

All voting papers, along with candidates' statements have now been posted and you should have received them by now.  This is a postal election and the voting paper is valid only if returned in the addressed envelope provided - whether you post back or hand deliver to the school office.

Voting closes at noon on 3rd June 2016.

Deidre Merriott, Returning Officer 

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NCEA Student App

The NCEA Student App has been updated. It can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, it is free to download and can be used from any smart device. This is a great tool for parents and students.

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Filipino Independence Celebration Evening

Friday 10th June, 3-7pm

Marcellin College is holding a Filipino Independence Celebration Evening on Friday the 10th of June to celebrate our Filipino students and Filipino culture.

Place:  Marcellin Catholic College, 617 Mount Albert Rd, Royal Oak, Auckland.

The evening will have:

  • Authentic Filipino food
  • Traditional Dancing
  • Invitational 3 a side Basketball tournament.
  • Karaoke and Games
  • Plus lots of prizes to be won

If you would like to have a food stall, or to perform at our celebration, please call Mr Jarrod Seaton, telephone (09) 625 6509 Extn: 727.

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Marcellin College Gabi ng Pagdiriwang ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas

ating Ipagdiwang mga Mag-aaral at Kulturang Pilipino,

Biyernes ika-sampu ng Hunyo ika-tatlo ng hapon

Hanggang ika pito ng gabi

  • Tunay na pagkaing Pilipino
  • Katutubong sayaw
  • Paanyayang Liga ng basketbol
  • Karaoke at mga palaro
  • Ibat  ibang premyong mapapanalunan

Kung nais niyong magkaroon ng puwesto sa pagtitinda ng pagkain o kaya gusting gumanap sa aming programa tumawag lang kay:

Ginoong Jarrod Seaton, Telepono (09) 625 6509 Ext. 727.

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Groove City

Groove City: Past Marcellin students from 2006 and 2007 entrepreneurial venture into film-making, production and music - we encourage you all to see their film ...

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School Production - "The Great Adventure"

A huge thank you to the companies and helpers who helped make our production a success.  Please support the below businesses:

- First Scene costume Hire

Harvest 2 Home for your kind generosity in supplying fruit

- Subway Mt Eden

- Edwards Sound Systems

- The Mangere Arts Centre

- The PTFA

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The Revolution Tour

The Revolution Tour team came to our school assembly on Tuesday, 10th May. They are a bunch of talented, compassionate people using their blazing dance moves, fresh music, and fun communication style to teach, reach and give hope to teenagers around NZ. There were some laughs, moving stories of transformation, and refreshing honesty about life. The Revolution team are dedicated to using their gifts to connect with young people and had a great time doing it and passing on their anti-bullying message.

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Mega Schools Competition

Our Hip Hop group went to the Mega Schools competition on Friday 29th April.  Our girls did not place, however they did extremely well with their performance, especially being the last of 15 schools to perform. Nive Ah Wa & Kardenya Ng-Wun represented the school in an interview with Maori Television, which then resulted in them winning the award for "Best Backstage Interview" as it was given with confidence, pride and fluidity when speaking.

Our girls also made a huge impact on an organisation that was present at the competition which resulted in the winning of a $100 Westfield voucher.

Overall the group thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were very inspired with ideas for next year. They were the only Catholic school competing in the competition and did the school very proud.

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Caritas Fundraising Concert

On Thursday 14th April, the Prefects and Arts Committee organised a concert as a Social Committee fundraiser for Caritas. Bands from school played and a sausage sizzle was held at the same time in the MacKillop Block courtyard – a great way to end the term.

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Tamworth Magpies Rugby Club Tour

The Tamworth Magpies Rugby Club team from NSW, Australia came and stayed with us from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th April, playing a game of rugby against our First XV on the Tuesday afternoon. Our boys showed how they have improved in working together as a team, winning the game 26-7. The Tamworth team and their coaches were very appreciative and enjoyed their time being hosted by Marcellin - we hope to have them back again in the future and wish them well for the rest of their NZ tour!

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Year 11 Geography Trip to Waihi

On Friday 1st April, the Year 11 Geography class headed down to Waihi to explore Oceana Gold Martha's Mine. The students got to see and experience some of the aspects of gold mining in preparation for two internals. It was a great day and the students represented Marcellin College well.

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On Holy Thursday the College was dismissed with a holy week liturgy, today we regathered as a community with an Easter Candle liturgy and in the great tradition of Marcellin College, a new Easter Bunny has been found and distributed Easter eggs to all students this morning.


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Uniform at The Warehouse

Marcellin College P.E. uniforms, school jackets, sleeveless vests, cardigans and jumpers are now in stock at The Warehouse Royal Oak.

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Year 13 Retreat

Marcellin College's Year 13 students held their Retreat on Tuesday 8th March at the Fickling Convention Centre in Three Kings - a wonderful day was had by all.

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Article on Marcellin's Head Prefects

Marcellin College is featured in the March issue of Onehunga Community News with an article on our Head Prefects - Clio Exconde and Amber Alfonso.

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Year 11 Art Trip to Pah Homestead

On Friday 4th March, 12 Year 11 students visited the Pah Homestead accompanied by Mr Moore and Miss Hobbs. They were looking at the Richard McWhannell Painting exhibition. Richard is one of NZ's leading landscape and portrait artists and has been exhibiting his work for the last 40 years. The Education Programme Coordinator, Zoe Hoeberigs, had some excellent activities based around this work. She got students into pairs and while one person described an art work in detail, the other person had to draw it without looking at the art work. The group then got into two teams and students had a debate about which work was best, giving reasons for their statements. Students then spent time with the rest of the work currently showing in the other gallery spaces. The students were really engaged and respectful of the work and the space. Marcellin Art department has an excellent ongoing relationship with the Pah Homestead and more trips are planned for later this year.

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New Parents' Afternoon

On Wednesday, 24th February, all new parents to the Marcellin College community were invited along for an afternoon BBQ to meet key staff members as well as other new families to the school.

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Senior Swimming Sports

Senior students walked along to Jellicoe Pools in Onehunga for their annual swimming sports day on Tuesday, 23rd February. Students and staff were blessed with perfect weather with lots of competitive swimming happening, as well as games and plenty of fun being had in the pool.

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Year 7 Affirmation Day / Year 8 Retreat

On Tuesday, 23rd February, Year 7 students had their Affirmation day. They were allowed to come to school in mufti and were asked to bring a shared lunch.

Brother JP, Brother Damien and their helpers organised lots of activities for the day which the students enjoyed participating in.

Affirmation is about showing kindness, getting to know your friends properly, learning about teamwork, showing caring towards each other and being a good samaritan.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Year 8 headed off to the Fickling Community Centre at Three Kings for their Retreat.

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Athletics Day

We were very fortunate that the bad weather forecast stayed away for our annual Athletics Day on Thursday 18th February. The students and staff enjoyed a full day of sporting events and dressing up in whanau colours - well done to all those who took part.

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Academic Assembly

Our Academic Assembly was held on Tuesday 16th February to celebrate those students who passed NCEA in 2015 endorsed with Excellence. Ex-student, Tumanako Fa'aui, who was Head Boy in 2007 and who is currently doing his Doctorate in Environmental Engineering, came along to present awards to our students. Well done to all our students who achieved so highly in their NCEA examinations!

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Inaugural Mass

On Friday 5th February, we celebrated a fantastic start to the year with our Inaugural Mass where our Prefects were inducted.  It was a very prayerful and joyous occasion.

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NCEA Results

Congratulations to the students who earned endorsements on their NCEA certificates at their 2015 levels of study.  They can be immensely proud of their superior achievements – at Level 1 80% passed; Level 2 87% passed; and Level 3 91% passed - well done to all our students!

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Welcome to Marcellin College

A warm welcome to readers of this website, and a special welcome to Marcellin College. We are a strong Catholic, Year 7-13 co-educational college in central Auckland.  We are proud of our 56 year history on this site, a history based on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers. We are pleased the college is named after this inspiring man of vision and achievement.

With the teachings of Christ to guide us, we strive to nurture the talents of every child in our care, to impart values that we believe are the key to personal fulfilment at and beyond school. Marcellin College is able to provide young people with a love of God, love of learning, self discipline, wide opportunities for development, and respect for others that will equip them well for adult life.

In order for our students to be positive, well adjusted and motivated, they need to be aware of the talents God has given each individual.  They need to recognise their duty to cultivate those personal strengths, to pursue success with the utmost determination.  The staff of the College is committed to helping each student to strive for and achieve personal excellence.

It is crucial that parents and guardians share our hopes for, and expectations of, their children.  The saying that "it takes a whole village to educate a child" indicates the degrees of shared understanding and co-operation that are necessary if we are to realise our goals fully.  At Marcellin College, students, parents and teachers are expected to be a close-knit community working together.

Jan Waelen