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Inaugural Mass

Friday 5th February at 11.00am in the Gymnasium (please be seated by 10.45am)

A warm invitation is extended to all parents to join us on this important occasion.

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NCEA Results

Congratulations to the students who earned endorsements on their NCEA certificates at their 2015 levels of study.  They can be immensely proud of their superior achievements – at Level 1 80% passed; Level 2 87% passed; and Level 3 91% passed - well done to all our students!

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Junior and Middle School End-of-Year Prizegiving

Marcellin College finished the school year today with the Junior and Middle School Prizegiving - this was a celebratory occasion with the Year 7 and 8 students performing the Jesse Tree Drama, lots of well-deserved awards handed out to our student body and some great musical items from the students including the Year 10 boys' band, Ester Naufahu performing Holy Night and Emanuel Tuimavave-Gerrard entertaining everyone with a beautiful song at the conclusion of the prizegiving. We wish the whole school community a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year ...

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Year 9 and 10 Activities Week

Lots of fun activities were planned for Years 9 and 10 during their last full week of school. On Wednesday 2nd December they attended three sessions: Financial Literacy presented by YWCA; Careers; and IT. On Thursday 3rd December all the students went to the swimming pools at Jellicoe Park in Onehunga and were blessed with beautiful warm sunny weather. On Friday 4th December the students started off with sports, then a Trash to Fash wearable arts challenge, and ended the day with the Amazing Race - we hope all the students enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to prizegiving and the end of the school year on Tuesday 8th December!

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Year 9 and 10 Art Exhibition / Showcase Performance

There will be an exhibition of Year 9 and 10 art work to coincide with the Performance Evenings on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd December. 

The Exhibition will be held in the Art room and will open at 5.45pm so that people can see the work and then go across to PAC for the show at 6.30pm.

There will be refreshments and finger food.

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Ex-student Paul Pua in the News ...

Paul Pua, who graduated from Marcellin College at Year 13 in 2012 features in the Western Leader, 1st December edition - well done Paul on your achievements so far ...

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Advent Candles and Wreath

A lovely article on advent candles and wreaths on the Catholic News website:


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Potential Traffic Delays

A funeral service for Jonah Lomu is to be held at Eden Park at 1:00 p.m. on 30 November 2015.  The news media is predicting that tens of thousands of people will be attending the event. Level 3 Accounting students are advised to leave home at least three hours before their exam.


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Culture Vulture Day

On Wednesday 25th November, Mr Moore, Ms McDonald, Dr Bassi and Ms Ter-Huurne took 40 Year 10 students to Pah Homestead for the Culture Vulture day.

This event involves groups doing revolving sessions with Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, TAPAC Performing Arts, Carol Brown Dances and Wallace Arts Trust. The event was organised by Zoe Hoeberigs the Education Programmes facilitator.

Our students were an absolute pleasure. They were inventive in their improvisations, attentive, respectful and engaged. Several of the providers commented on how impressed they were with the students from Marcellin. Comments like "you must have very good teachers" also reflected well on the staff. The students had an absolutely fantastic time and Mr Moore is looking forward to being involved in this event next year.

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Waka Ama

Marcellin College had eight students compete in the Junior inter-schools Waka Ama competition on Saturday, 7th November, at Orakei Basin.

The students have been training for about three months now and most of the time it has had to be land training because of the weather and tides so they ended up having approximately four hours in total on the water before the event!

They did really well.  The mixed team came 3rd in their non-competitive final and the girl's team came 2nd= in the B grade final!! So overall the girls would have placed 6th out of 20 teams! Pretty good for their first time ever!

Miss Happy and the Mangere Bridge coach Barry have done an awesome job with these students - both Miss Happy and Barry have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Waka Ama and it was great to see this passed on to our students and to witness how much our students got out of the whole experience ...

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Year 12 BCATS Class Project

Congratulations to the Year 12 BCATS class, under the direction of Mr Menon (and the help of Mr Singh from the Commerce Department!), who have completed building the deck on the south side of the Technology Block, facing the netball courts - compliments to the team as the boys have given up their spare time to complete the job before external exams.

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Mo-vember News

November is a time when we aim to raise awareness of prostate cancer amongst men.  Nearly two New Zealand men die of prostate cancer every day.  Many Marcellin staff are donating to the cause this month.  The Mo-Brothers were clean shaven on the 1st November and will grow a suitable moustache throughout the month.   Mr Brown, Brothers Kevin and Damien, Mr Talakia'atu, Mr Moore and Mr Singh said goodbye to their handsome beards to start afresh.  Fantastic commitment!  Our Mo-Sisters support and encourage and have even decided on moustache designs!  Here's a photo of them all one week in ... we will keep you posted how they are going ...

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Senior Prizegiving 2015

On Monday 2nd November we celebrated the Senior School Prizegiving for 2015. Thank you to everyone who made this into the wonderful event that it was – students, parents, guests, staff and specially Mrs Robertson and her team of helpers who ensured the evening ran smoothly.

We congratulate those many students who were acknowledged last evening for their academic achievement, leadership and service to the College.

I take the opportunity now to thank the 2015 Prefects and whanau leaders, superbly lead by Andrew Fatialoa and Glory Clemant for the outstanding contribution that they have made to the College this year.  It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into your roles and to lead the College with such humility, grace, wisdom and passion.

I congratulate the 2016 prefects who were announced and I am sure Clio Exconde and Amber Alfonso will lead their team with as much passion and commitment as their predecessors. The standard has been left very high for you to follow. 

A list of the major award recipients at prizegiving is in our Newsletter dated Tuesday 3rd November.

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Thanksgiving Mass - Friday 30th October

We celebrated a very reverent and joyful Thanksgiving Mass last Friday.  This was organised by the Year 13 group and reflected things that were meaningful for them in their time at Marcellin.  

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Chromebooks in Junior School

Chromebooks were implemented into Junior School last week. The school received a grant which we bought 34 Chromebooks for use in the Intermediate classes to allow students to use Google Classroom and Google Docs. Teachers have been receiving training over the last few weeks and it is envisaged that this is the start of a change in teaching methodology that incorporates more use of technology to further equip students with modern learning tools. Chromebooks were purchased through PB Technology who are committed to giving Marcellin and the wider school community the best deals on technology purchases.

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Tertiary Study Information

Students who plan on tertiary study after they leave school should apply for their Student Allowance or Loan by 16 December.

It doesn’t matter if you are still unsure where or what you’ll be studying, the best thing is to apply early. Get your application in by 16 December to make sure you can get everything sorted ready for the start of your course – wherever or whatever it might be!

When applying for a Student Allowance or Loan for the first time, students need to prove their identity. This can be done online by signing up for a RealMe verified identity.

Starting tertiary study is an exciting time, but there are a lot of things to be organised. Get one out of the way – apply now for your Student Loan or Allowance at studylink.govt.nz

The StudyLink Team

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World Cerebral Palsy Day

Marcellin College students were asked to perform at New Zealand's first World Cerebral Palsy Day at the Trusts Arena on Tuesday, 6th October.  Our students performed the opening haka - they represented the school with pride and received many compliments after their performance.

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Marcellin College in Onehunga Community News

Marcellin College's Dancing with the Staff  featured in the October issue of the Onehunga Community News ...

Bill English's visit to Marcellin College was also covered in the October issue of the Onehunga Community News ...

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BOT Student Trustee Election

Thank you to all the candidates who stood for Student Rep on the Board of Trustees. Congratulations to Malia Taleo who was the successful candidate.

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The Remar students from all levels (Year 10 - 13) gathered around the statue of St Marcellin Champagnat who is one of the Remar sponsors, for a group photo. It has been a delightful year so far for all of the Remar groups as the students have continued to be committed to sharing their faith, celebrating and developing their friendships and serving other members of the wider community. The photo reflects the beginning of the Remar journey for Year 10 - a large group which has evidently swelled the numbers involved. We, the Remar team, look forward to finishing the year well with these groups and enjoying the final outreach activities and reflection days we will have with them. Unfortunately, Leigh Walker (Year 13 Dean) was not available to be present for the photo but we are grateful for the work she has done with the Year 13 Remar group.

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At lunchtime on Thursday, 10th September, 'Dancing with the Staff' took place to raise money for the Catholic Caring Foundation. It was a great event with lots of brave staff and students taking part and raising $785 - a fantastic result. Most Committed Dancer went to Mr Moore, Best Costume went to Miss Parkinson and Ms Siono's group, 3rd place went to Ms Ter Huurne's group, 2nd place to Mrs Hahn's group and 1st place was Mr Weijermars' group.  Click on 'Gallery' to see pictures ...

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Blazers for Year 12 & 13 Students in 2016

A letter has been sent to parents of Year 11 and 12 students asking for feedback on the introduction of school Blazers to all Year 12 and 13 students in 2016.

Please return completed forms to the office week commencing 7th September.

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During tournament week 31st August – 5th September, we took 11 girls down to Hamilton to represent Marcellin College at the Upper North Island Netball Tournament. Our team was relatively young with only two members from the 2014 team. The team played well together and came away in 24th position. Over the week we played ten games playing against teams from the top of the north island. It was a great experience for the team, they have gained a lot of tournament knowledge and have developed their skills throughout the week.

Thank you to Celine Lio and Virginia Victor for all of their hard work with the team this year. These two girls are in their last year of studies at Marcellin College and have been assets to our team in terms of play and leadership. Also, thank you to Miss Happy for being our Manager during our week at UNISS.

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Careers Expo and Options Evening

On Wednesday, 2nd September, the Careers Department ran their biennial Careers Expo alongside the Options Evening for our senior students.  This was an outstanding evening and representatives were there from The New Zealand Forces, The Auckland University, AUT, Unitec, MIT, MAINZ, The New Zealand Sports Institute, Cut Above, Travel Colleges, Retail, Whitecliffs College, Techtorium, G&H Training, Best Training and many others.  We thank you all for coming along and making it such a huge success.

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Hon. Bill English, Minister of Finance Visit

The Hon. Bill English, Minister of Finance for New Zealand, as well as Dr Parmjeet Parmar visited Marcellin College on Wednesday 2nd September and spoke to the senior Economics and Accounting students. 

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Marcellin College PTFA Raffle Results

Congratulations to the following Raffle winners:

1st Prize - $1000 travel voucher:  Jairus Evangelista (Year 8)

2nd Prize - Lenovo Laptop computer: Tapaau Pua

3rd Prize - $500 travel voucher: Sammy Veamoi

4th Prize - 2 nights accommodation in Rotorua:  Hedy Geronimo

5th Prize - 1 night Waipuna Lodge:  Selesitina Taamole

6th Prize - $100 dinner for 2 at Dominion Bar & Grill:  Lupe Sasalu

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Sacraments of Initiation Mass

On Friday, 21st August, four students were baptised and 10 students were confirmed. The Bishop of Auckland, Most Reverend Patrick Dunn led the Mass with Pa Tipene con-celebrating.

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Teacher Only Day

On Friday, 14th August,  a Teacher Only Day was held at Marcellin College. Teachers started the day by visiting Mindlab in Parnell, then returned to school for a BBQ lunch cooked by Mr Barbafiera, Mr Vao and Mr Lee. The afternoon was spent in the Champagnat Chapel in a strategic planning session.

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Year 12/13 PE Camp at Mt Tongariro

On the 9th August, 19 students from the Year 12 and 13 Physical Education Leadership classes went on camp to the Hillary Outdoors Centre at Mt Tongariro. The aim of the camp was to expose students to Outdoor Experiences as well as to give them the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Throughout the four days at camp the students excelled in their environment. Some activities that students participated in were: overnight camping, caving, bush bashing, flying fox and they had a day in the snowy mountains. Thank you to Hillary Outdoors for arranging such a great experience, Foundation North for providing a grant for our students to attend the camp, Mr MacEachern for taking his time to attend the camp and to all the students who were exceptional throughout the camp and made it successful.  Ms Peterson

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Vector - Free Solar System for Marcellin College

Go to http://vectorfutureofenergy.co.nz/page/marcellincollege and help Marcellin College win a Vector solar system featuring a Tesla Powerwall battery free to use for 10 years - voting closes at midnight on Sunday 30th August.

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Junior Food Technology

Mrs Moore, the Food Technology teacher, has introduced healthy herbs to Marcellin College.  She took cuttings from herbs in her own garden, and in October 2014, planted them at school.  So far she has rosemary, coriander, mint, parsley, thyme, sage, pineapple sage and lemon sage.

The garden did not come without its challenges: students used the garden as a short-cut, trampling across the plants.  The caretaker added some strategically placed rocks to the garden and she is now growing a rosemary box hedge to provide further protection.  All the plants are labelled and growing well.

During the first term of 2015, a new herb was introduced to all the junior classes every week.  Students were encouraged to smell, taste and use them in the dishes they were making.  Cheese break sticks with sage was a big hit.

As the herbs have grown, so has the enthusiasm of Mrs Moore’s students.  Students have taken ownership of the garden, and even started their own garden club in Term 2.  “It is such a pleasure to share my own passion for gardening and watch the children learn to enjoy the gardening process, using the herbs in the foods room, developing their taste buds, trying new flavours and evaluating the use of herbs in cooking for flavour and nutritive value”.

In Term 3 this year, renga renga was removed.  The garden expanded by growing vegetable plants to use in classes.  Students have also started composting waste scraps from the food room to reduce the amount of rubbish that gets binned and to provide excellent, worm-filled, free fertiliser!

Junior Food Technology entered the Heart Foundation “Fuelled for Life” Competition and won the Auckland/ Northland division.  Adele Orangi came to school on Tuesday 18th August to present the school with their prize – a commercial food processor for the Food Technology room.

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Kids Can Cook Kitchen

Kids Can Cook Kitchen (KCCK) came to Marcellin College for Year 7 & 8 Food Technology classes on 12th August with chef Chris Fortune who is AMP "Do your thing" National Scholarship, Winner Hells Kitchen 2003 NZ, Founder and Chairperson of Farmers Markets New Zealand and a professional chef with 20 years in the hospitality industry.

The mission of KCCK is “A Community of Kids Feeding Themselves" and backs up some aims of Year 7 & 8 Food Technology of choosing and cooking nutritious food  for meals, using  seasonal foods & money saving tricks along with good eating habits.

The dishes Chris made were Middle Eastern Rice Pilaff and Russian Latkes (potato pancakes) with pickled cabbage.
He makes food fun – relating healthy food to fun things as he got students involved – letting them be sous chef, making a parchment cartouche and taste testing the dishes made.

Check out his website for more information and recipes http://kidscancookkitchen.org.nz and to watch the video of KCCK at Marcellin College.

Message from Chris Fortune:  Good morning Mrs Moore and the team at Marcellin College  ... I was so impressed by your school once again and you can see the extra effort that your teachers are putting in ...well done to all...a great school and community 
Your video and photos of your School visit is now on the  front page of our website, just click on your school name link at   www.kidscancookkitchen.org.nz

You can also find us on Facebook and is a great way to communicate about what you are doing in the future https://www.facebook.com/kidscancookkitchen

Thank you for having me at your school this week.....great kids in a great school and community 

Cook - Chris Fortune 

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U19A Basketball Team

Congratulations to our U19A Basketball Team who have won their Grade Division in a spectacular fashion by winning ALL their games and going undefeated all season - well done team!

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Year 13 Geography Field Trip to Rotorua

On Friday 7th August the 13 Geography trip set off at 6.30am from school to drive to Rotorua.  The group had an action packed two days going to many of the significant tourist spots in Rotorua, before returning Saturday evening.

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Auckland University Presentation

The Year 12 students recently attended an information session with the school advisor from Auckland University to hear about the Open Day being held at the city campus on Saturday 29th August.  A booklet about the event was handed out to students.

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Congratulations to the school Badminton team who finished second in Group B of the inter-school Central Auckland winter tournament.  Captain Clio Exconde and his team mates did a fine job.

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13 Tourism Trip

On Friday 31st July, the Year 13 Tourism students visited the New Zealand School of Tourism and spent some time learning to be aircrew which included inflating a life raft.
The group then visited Butterfly Creek to hear about the operation of a tourism attraction and the work roles available including being a zookeeper looking after crocodiles!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

ICT-Connect Presentations

In Term 2 senior students attended presentations from ICT-Connect. This is the nationwide institute of IT  professionals, in school programme, which inspires and educates young people about their future in IT. This programme puts software and information technology professionals face to face with students in the classroom where they are introduced to diverse applications and pathways in their industry.Students attended four different workshops and heard from the presenters about their pathways into IT and their present employment. They also heard about the many present employment opportunities in IT and that IT skills will continue be in demand in the future. 

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Marist to Marist Appeal - Subway Mount Eden

The Social Justice Committee recently had a raffle for 10 one-foot-long Subway lunches which were generously donated to us by Michelle, the manager of Mount Eden Subway, at 110 Mount Eden Road. They also give us a generous discount on the lunches we have at the Senior Retreats. The proceeds from the raffle went to our Marist to Marist appeal and we were able to contribute $400 toward providing school lunches for children at the Marist school in Fiji. Congratulations to the 10 lucky winners who received their Subway lunches on Wednesday 1st July. A further congratulations to A5 who received a tutor group lunch on Thursday 2nd July for being the tutor group that raised the most money.

The 10 lucky winners were:
Jayden Chapman-Tau, Room 15; Mon Lomboy, Year 12; L'mon Jerome-Luafutu Beef, Room 17; Mrs Brooks - English Department; Talita Wulf, Year 12; Jan Gamo, Year 11; Edrick Ramos, Year 10; Chris Paasi; Titie Afemeimounga, Year 13; Tessa Tualevao, Year 11

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2015 School Ball

The 2015 School Ball, held at Alexander Park on Saturday 27th June, was a beautiful and memorable occasion.  Click on Gallery above to see more pictures from the night ...

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The Warehouse Gateway Programme Graduation

The five students who participated in the Warehouse Gateway programme in Term 2 celebrated their success with an afternoon tea ceremony on Thursday 25th June.  The feedback from the Co-ordinator and the Warehouse staff was very positive, saying they were one of the best groups they had ever had there!

The students enjoyed it so much they were really sad that the placement was finished.  It looks like all five of them will apply for part-time jobs there, and as they will shortly receive their Customer Service Awards that come as part of the programme, they will certainly make great employees!

There are six more students participating in the programme next term.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Auckland Central Rugby Representative Team

Well done to Monte-Carlo Maynard, Soane Kautai and Damien Vaifale, all Year 8 students, who have made the Auckland Central Rep team - they will be playing their first game against Onehunga on Monday 29th June - best of luck!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Champagnat Talent Showcase

On Friday 5th June, Marcellin College celebrated the feast day of St Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers and Patron Saint of our College.  We started the day with a beautiful and uplifting Mass, and continued with a performing arts showcase which involved a number of dances, performances and musical items.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Marcellin College My Kitchen Rules Competition

After school on Thursday 28th May, five staff teams entered the Marcellin College MKR competition in the Food Technology room.  The teams were the Innovators (Mr Weijermars and Ms Parkinson), the Smiling Assassins (Mrs Sale and Mrs Coyle), Cut My Ear Off in the Name of Love, aka Frida and Vincent (Mrs Ter-Huurne and Mr Moore), Bellaitalia (Mr Barbafiera and Miss Mason) and The Activists (Ms Siono and Ms Walker).  The judges were Mrs Moore, Ms Merriott and Mrs Latunipulu - they had a very difficult job picking the winner as all the cooking was fabulous.  In the end though, The Innovators took out the winning medal with a delicious Chili, Ginger & Coconut Salmon with Croquettes main and a Chocolate Multi-Cake with Raspberry Couli dessert scoring 87.5 out of a possible 100 score.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

 Model United Nations Assembly

Marcellin College students Glory Clemant, Amber Alfonso and Clio Exconde made up the delegation from the United Arab Emirates to the MUNA held on 22nd and 23rd May.  Glory opened the first round of debate with the UAE’s views on the misery caused by tax havens. Amber began the second session with a presentation on combating ISIS.  Clio tried to convince the assembly that the new Secretary General in 2017 should not be Helen Clark but instead one of the male candidates from Eastern Europe. The trio were outstanding representatives of the college.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Year 12 Tourism Trip

On Wednesday 20th May, the Year 12 Tourism class had an action packed day - they went into town to visit the International Travel College, they did the Auckland Harbour Bridge walk, and they went on the Auckland Adventure Jet boats around the Waitemata Harbour.  Click on Gallery above to see more photos ...

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NCEA Level 3 Drama - Too Much Punch for Judy

The hard hitting verbatim play ‘Too Much Punch for Judy’ based around two young women who drink and drive and the consequences of their action, was performed for two evenings in the week commencing 18th May.  There was a strong message being said in this play.  Verbatim theatre means the story and some of the dialogue is taken straight from the actual people who are portrayed by actors in the play. If you were able to get along and see this, you were richly rewarded. It was hard-hitting and unsettling, yet very funny at times, and our fantastic students delivered some impressive performances…


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Workchoice Day

The Year 12 Workchoice Day visit to Turners & Growers took place on Thursday 14th May.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Faith n Chips

Our Prefects attended the annual Faith n Chips ceremony at St Mary's College in Ponsonby on Friday 8th May - here they are surrounded by all the other Catholic secondary schools in Auckland.

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

MERC Camp, Junior School

Our MERC camp was held on the 4th and 5th May 2015 at the Long Bay marine reserve. Forty-eight students went on an overnight camp and 50 students went on a day camp. Our students were exposed to a range of activities including archery, sailing, body boarding, surfing, raft building, Giants ladder, dingy games, kayaking and mountain biking. Students also participated in a range of afternoon and evening activities such as champion a catcher, crab soccer, etc. 

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Staff, family, and students attended the Mt Roskill ANZAC celebrations. Long may we remember our veterans and those who paid the price for world peace.

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ANZAC Day Liturgy

On Friday, 24th April, the school held its ANZAC Day Liturgy.  Click on Gallery above to see more ANZAC 100 year commemorations we were involved with.

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Mt Roskill War Memorial

On Tuesday, 21st April, Mr Weijermars, along with four Prefects, attended the formal opening of the new War Memorial at Mt Roskill as part of ANZAC Day ceremonies.


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Rheumatic Fever / Youth Art Space Workshop

This video was made at the Rheumatic Fever / Youth Art Space Workshop held in the April school holidays that Bella Robertson attended. She composed the song (collaboratively) and is also singing it. 



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MegaSchools Hip Hop National Championships 2015 

On Friday 17th April we had a group of students enter the National Street Dance Competition in the MegaSchools section.  This is the national Hip Hop competition that is the platform for crews all around NZ to be selected to represent in the World's Hip Hop competition in the USA.  It is the first time Marcellin College have entered the competition.  Although we did not place, these students represented Marcellin College very well and should be very proud of the dance they created in a short amount of time.

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ANZAC Memorial Mass

An ANZAC Memorial Mass was held on Sunday 29th March in the SHC Old Boys Memorial Chapel.  Our Prefects attended, along with the Principal, Jan Waelen and the Director of Pastoral Care, Anthony Weijermars.

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Stations of the Cross

The final Stations of the Cross were acted out on March 26th as part of our Holy Week celebrations - the pictures show when Jesus (Peyton Hawbaker) is crucified and Mary (Ara Dimaano) solemnly watches over his death


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Marist Schools' Quadrangular Rugby Tournament

The Annual Marist Quadrangular Rugby Tournament is hosted this year by Sacred Heart College, with guest teams from St Paul's College Auckland, St Bernard's College Wellington and our College - Marcellin.  Our team are playing on Thursday 26th March (vs St Paul's) and Saturday 28th March (vs Sacred Heart) - we wish them well!

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Samoan Group at Polyfest

The Samoan group performed on Saturday 21st March and got the 1st prize for Best Uniform and also a Special Award for the Best Behaved School.

Indian Group at Polyfest

The Indian group were outstanding in their performance at Polyfest on Friday 20th March.  They performed an almost faultless performance that had so much crowd support and a judge giving them a standing ovation!  The students really enjoyed themselves and certainly did Marcellin College proud.  They won the Best Interpretation of Theme award and were placed 2nd out of 66 school groups.

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St Patrick's Day

Teachers and students got into the spirit of St Patrick's Day and for a gold coin donation to Caritas could adorn themselves in something green. 

Leon Roberson, Anthony Weijermars, Reg Wills and Carey McDonald are just a few of the staff who got into the spirit of the day.


Even Saint Marcellin Joseph Benedict Champagnat took part in the festivities ...

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Senior Swimming Sports

Secondary Swimming Sports were held on the 10th March at the Jellicoe Pools in Onehunga.  A lot of fun and good sportsmanship was shown on the day.

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Polyfest Practice

Polyfest practice is happening on Saturday 7th and 14th March - on the 7th the Bollywood group were hard at work and the 14th will be the Samoan group's turn.

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Year 12 L2 AS on Ethics

All of Year 12 sat their first Level 2 Achievement Standard on Ethics in the week commencing 2nd March.  The final day for this three-hour assessment is Tuesday 10th March.

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Year 13 Retreat

The Year 13 Retreat was held on Tuesday 3rd March - Year 13 students enjoyed learning about life skills with the fabulous Paula.

Below is a photo of the winning 'X Factor' team at the Year 13 Retreat.  Back Row: Leuatea Schmidt, Antonio Fuapau, Titie Afemeimounga, Tyler Schaumkel, Tavas Toala, Angelo Ramos.  Front Row:  Penetito Mateo, Brittany Johnson, Andrew Fatialofa, Elisepa Naufahu.

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Marist School Leadership Camp

The Champagnat Marist Leadership Forum 2015 was held at Hato Petera College from 26th February to 1st March. Our student leaders were fortunate to have attended along with the leaders of nine other Marist schools around New Zealand. With the guidance of Brother Terence and Dan Dungy, they were able to develop their leadership skills through group activities and the challenging high ropes course. This was definitely a valuable experience as they got to know better their fellow Marist student leaders and learn from them various leadership qualities.  They intend to practice what they have learned within our school and also maintain a close relationship with the other Marist schools.

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New Parents Evening

Thank you to the new parents who took the time to come along and meet their tutor teacher and dean and hear about what Marcellin offers our students. It was lovely to meet you all.

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Junior School Visit to MOTAT

The Junior School students had a fun day visiting MOTAT on the 26th February, learning how things used to be ...  Click on 'Gallery' above to see more photographs.

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Athletics Day

Our annual school Athletics Day was held on Tuesday 24th February and it was a successful day for our students. It was also great to see so much family support on the day. We have had several records broken and a number of students who have qualified for Central Zone Athletics.

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Academic Assembly - 17th February

Our Academic scholars were celebrated with the students who gained their NCEA with Excellence receiving their badge.  Endorsements at Excellence level do not come without hard work, and it was fantastic to see these students, and their families, suitably acknowledged.

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Caritas Leadership Day - 12th February 

Instead of entering into what we thought would be a serious discussion about Caritas, we came into a group of enthusiastic students from other secondary schools playing a game of ‘Unfair Soccer’. We were warmly welcomed by the volunteers of the Caritas programme along with other students.

Caritas leadership programme was a wonderful experience that we will cherish. If another opportunity like this comes our way, we will not hesitate to accept. Overall, the day was awesome as we learned so much and had a fantastic time.

Back Row: Rebekkah Baggot; Middle Row: Monica Bahan, Lisenta Augustin, Ara Dimaano; Front Row: Richard Somostrada, Chek Ng-Wun, Jason Su, Celine Lio

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School Leaders

Congratulations to all of our 2015 Head Prefects, Prefects, Sports Captains, Whanau Leaders and Peer Mediators - a joyous and uplifting Inaugural Mass was held where our 2015 leaders were commissioned.

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Inauguration Powhiri for Jan Waelen

The Powhiri for new Principal, Jan Waelen, was held on Friday 30th January.  This is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in Marcellin College's history.  Jan is originally from Christchurch, the middle child of five.  She shifted to Auckland 22 years ago and has taught at McAuley High, Marist College, St Kentigern College and her last role was as Deputy Principal at St Paul's College.  Jan has six grown up children and is looking forward to meeting the Marcellin community.

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A warm welcome to readers of this website, and a special welcome to Marcellin College. We are a strong Catholic, Year 7-13 co-educational college in central Auckland.  We are proud of our 56 year history on this site, a history based on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers. We are pleased the college is named after this inspiring man of vision and achievement.

With the teachings of Christ to guide us, we strive to nurture the talents of every child in our care, to impart values that we believe are the key to personal fulfilment at and beyond school. Marcellin College is able to provide young people with a love of God, love of learning, self discipline, wide opportunities for development, and respect for others that will equip them well for adult life.

In order for our students to be positive, well adjusted and motivated, they need to be aware of the talents God has given each individual.  They need to recognise their duty to cultivate those personal strengths, to pursue success with the utmost determination.  The staff of the College is committed to helping each student to strive for and achieve personal excellence.

It is crucial that parents and guardians share our hopes for, and expectations of, their children.  The saying that "it takes a whole village to educate a child" indicates the degrees of shared understanding and co-operation that are necessary if we are to realise our goals fully.  At Marcellin College, students, parents and teachers are expected to be a close-knit community working together.

Jan Waelen