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Seek the Best – Rapu I Te Pai.
Wairua o te Whānau – Family Spirit

Message from the Principal

Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula, Kamonaso, Kia Orana, Ni Hao, Namaste, Ram-Ram, Salām, Sanibona, Ola, warm greetings to all.

The Family Spirit school pillar focus for 2021 has been very visible in recent weeks and it has been a real pleasure to see so many of our students serving in our local community; please take the time to read all about the service students have been undertaking, details are contained in this newsletter.

Our school pillars are so important for the growth of all of our community in the way of Mary, our Beloved Mother and model for our pathway to Jesus. This is the charism gifted to us by our Patron Saint Marcellin Champagnat. Next Thursday is our Feast day Mass when we celebrate our special charism. All parents, caregivers and whānau are invited to celebrate this special day with us by joining us for the Mass. There is plenty of space for families, please be seated in the school Gymnasium by 11:15 if you can make it.

Let us always remember St Marcellin and Mary, mother of God in our prayers and keep asking for their prayers for us.


Ngā mihi nui whānau,


Dean Wearmouth


Important Dates 

2021 Important Dates

Term 2

    • Thursday 27 May                       Year 12 Leadership Diversity
    • Sunday 30 May to Sat 5 June      Samoan Language Week
    • Friday 28 May                            Kaitiaki & Sports Photos
    • Friday 28 May to Sat 29 May       Model United Nations
    • Monday 31 May & Tues 1 Jun      St Johns First Aid (Yrs 9&10)
    • Monday 31 May                          Yr 11SPS Trip
    • Tuesday 1 June                          Yr 11SCE Trip
    • Thursday 3 June                         Champagnat Day Mass
    • Friday 4 June                             Yr 11 Dance Show: Maui
    • Friday 4 June                              Teacher Only Day (school closed)
    • Monday 7 June                           Queens Birthday (school closed)
    • Tuesday 8 June to Fri 11 June      Filipino Language Week
    • Friday 11 June                            Yr 7 Friendship Tractor
    • Friday 11 June                            Yr 8 Tackling Technology
    • Tuesday 15 & Wed 16 June          Report/Afternoon Evening (2pm-6pm)
    • Monday 19 to Friday 25 June        Diversity Week
    • Monday 21 June                          YouDance Tech.Rehearsal
    • Tuesday 22 June                         YouDance Performance
    • Friday 25 June                            Yr 11 YOU Programme
    • Wednesday 30 June                    Yr 12 YOU Programme
    • Thursday 1 July                          Yr 11 Retreat
    • Monday 5 July                            Yr 9 Retreat
    • Tuesday 6 July                           Yr 9 Hauora                                                                                                            Yr 10 Hardwired
    • Thursday 8 July                          Term 2 Concludes
    • Friday 9 July                              Teacher Only Day (School is closed)

2021 Term Dates

Term 1

Wednesday 3 February to Friday 16 April

Term 2

Monday 3 May to Thursday 8 July 

Term 3

Monday 26 July to Friday 1 October

Term 4

Monday 18 October to Friday 10 December


Marcellin College School Board – New parent representatives

We welcome 3 new parent representatives into our School Board; Si’iva Stanley-Schuster, Meroma Taito and Bernie Tovio. Please find below their statements.


Mrs Si’iva Stanley-Schuster

Talofa lava, my name is Si’iva Stanley-Schuster, I am a NZ born Samoan with 4 children (2 are school age). One is Year 9 here at Marcellin College, with one more to follow next year. I am a Probation Officer with the Department of Corrections and am currently posted to the family violence team, which is part of a coalition led by NZ Police. I also co-facilitate a Men’s Non Violence programme in the evenings. I have worked for the Ministry of Education and NZ Police for many years before this current role. I am married to a Police Officer who is based in Counties Manukau district. We live in Mangere where I grew up, so I am very familiar with the community. Currently I serve as the Chair Person of Bader Intermediate School Board, where I was a foundation student 40 years prior. I also serve on the Fale Pasifika Women’s Refuge Board which is based in Mangere. My family attend the Mangere Pacific Islander’s Presbyterian Church and my service to the community helps me to stay grounded and ensuring that I do my part in keeping whanau safe, empowered and excited about life. 

Meroma Taito

Kia ora, my name is Meroma Taito, I am 46 years of age.  I am happily married to my husband Patolo Taito and am of Samoan descent.   

We have five beautiful children ranging from the age of 21 – 13 years of age.   

I am currently in my final year of studying towards a Bachelor of Education (early childhood).  I work full-time as a teacher in training at an early childhood centre and am really enjoying the endless journey of learning.  

My interests involve spending time with family, walks on beaches, reading and watching my children’s jiujitsu, rugby and league journeys.  My husband and I voluntarily assist families in our local community that are in need of assistance.

I value my faith, family and education.  These aspects are important to me because they are my support systems faith, family and wisdom.    

Bernie Tovio

Talofa lava.  I am an old girl of Marcellin College having attended with my five younger brothers a few years back. I am a first generation NZ Born Samoan, a mother of four children aged between 11-29 years, and a super proud nana of a five-year-old granddaughter.  My son Darius is currently in Year 7 and thoroughly enjoying his time at Marcellin, while my daughters are all grown up.  My background has primarily been within the Social Services Sector as a Public Servant and a Contracted Service Provider having worked with Ministries of Social Development, Education, Justice and Housing.  I have over 30 years operational and strategic management experience with have a high level of business administration skills.  I have held a number of Governance roles having served as a Parent Representative on a Board of Trustees (6 years), Council Member on the MIT Board of Council (14 years), Counties Manukau DHB Health Committees (7 years), Pacific Sub-Committees for MIT and DHB, and am currently an Accredited Provider with the New Zealand Schools of Trustees Association.  

As my children have grown up over the years, I found myself volunteering as a sports coach (school, club, representative levels), team manager (up to NZ Level), provincial administrator, tour manager, running touch modules, been a taxi driver, caterer, uniform distributor etc.  You name it, I’ve done it.  Anything so our kids, and everyone else’s kids could play.  Because of my extensive skills and experience, I am currently extremely honoured at being able to work within the sport sector, as the General Manager of CLM Community Sport, one of the four partners to the Auckland Approach to Community Sport for the Counties Manukau Region.  I have the privilege of leading and working alongside our team of 25 staff using sport, active recreation and play as a vehicle to engage our community groups, churches, primary/intermediate/secondary schools, sports clubs, key agencies and organisations.

Marcellin College School Ball 2021

Marcellin College School Ball 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are pleased to announce that Marcellin College is holding its annual School Ball in Term Two on Saturday 26 June 2021. This exciting event will be held in the Great Northern Room, Ellerslie Event Centre from 6:30pm to 11:30pm.

All students in Year 13 and Year 12 are warmly invited to the Ball. Students may also bring one guest each, subject to the approval of Marcellin College.

This year’s Ball will cost $110 per person. The cost of admission covers the venue, a buffet meal, a DJ, photographers and decorations.

All students wishing to attend the Ball must pay a non-refundable deposit of $40 for their own ticket and an additional $30 for any guest they wish to invite. This deposit should be paid to the Student Services Office no later than 3:30pm on Friday 28 May 2021. As the deposit is non-refundable, it will not be returned once paid, unless the Ball was to be cancelled for some reason.

Full payment of the remaining $70 for each student and guest will be required by Wednesday, 16 June 2021. We will send a reminder letter along with permission slips later this term. A permission slip must be completed for each student and guest attending the Ball.

The Ball is a school function, so normal school rules apply at all times and all students and their guests must abide by these rules.  The Ball is an alcohol, drug and smoke free event.

There are to be absolutely no ‘after-ball’ functions as these usually involve illegal provision of alcohol to under 18-year olds.  Should the College become aware of any ‘after-ball’ being organised, the Police will be informed.  Furthermore, any Marcellin students involved in organising or associated with organising such an event will not be allowed to attend the School Ball and there will be no refund.

The Ball is always one of the highlights of the year for our senior students. We hope that the 2021 Ball will be no exception and all will enjoy a wonderful and safe night out.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Wearmouth                                                  Mrs B Brooks

School Principal                                                   Year 13Dean/Kaiārahi 

School Attendance Dues – Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support with the payment of Attendance Dues for preference students attending Catholic schools in Auckland Diocese, both primary and secondary.

Families facing financial difficulties can contact their school office, their Parish Priest or the Revenue Manager on 09-360-3069 at the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for further information. 

Application forms for this assistance are available from school and parish offices, or can be down-loaded from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland Website:

Teacher Only Day  – Friday 4th June 

School will be closed on this day for teacher only day.  

Queens Birthday Weekend – Monday 7th June 

School will be closed on Monday 6 June for Queens Birthday Weekend.

Safety Driving into the School Site

For families who drop off and pick up, please find a place to stop within the school site. You can also park at the Warehouse on Pah Road ( a few of our parents do this) and students can meet you there. 

School Website and Facebook Page

For all our new families, please keep an eye out on our website: for news and information, you can also access our official Facebook page by clicking here Marcellin College Facebook Page. There is where we put up photographs of events happening at our school.

Download School App

To all parents/caregivers, please download the school app, see below for instructions. Via the school app, you can report absences, see the school calendar, receive newsletters and contact details for the school and our website.
Here is a QR code and link to the app. 
To download the app please go to the App/Play store and search for KiwiSchools Connect. Once downloaded you can select Marcellin and choose Subscribe to all.
Alternatively, you can scan the QR code or click this  link


Reporting Student Absences

Reporting student absences are to be done via the school app, website, email or calling the school office. Students can not explain absences for siblings or themselves. A written note is to be provided or a phone call on (09) 625 6509 (ext705), if you are wanting to report directly to our Attendance Officer Courtney Todd. 

It is also required by the ministry that student absence for 3 days or more for any medical reason, will need to provide a medical certificate from your doctor.

Please do not reply to previous texts or emails sent from the school about any past correspondences,  with your child/ren absences. These messages does not go directly to the Attendance Officer.

For all future absences, follow the current school procedure’s of calling the office via the absence line or via the website (Report an absence).


Students are expected to be in full uniform at all times. This includes black leather shoes, white socks for girls and school socks for boys, the Marcellin jumper and the Marcellin jacket. Please ensure students uniform is labelled. Thank you for your support with this.

Special Character:

The week we celebrate Pentecost

Pentecost is the wonderful celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles. Their fear was holding them trapped in the room, unable to act or talk about Jesus’ resurrection. When the Holy Spirit fills the room and moves amongst them they are filled with the courage and strength they needed to go out and share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. The spirit moves them and sends them out. This is the beginning of the Church because when the disciples shared the good news, many Jews were converted to Christianity and became one with the church.

Just as the Holy Spirit moved in the upper room where the disciples were hiding, so the Holy Spirit moves in the Church. We too are filled with the Holy Spirit and we too must share the good news with everyone around us. Let us use the courage the Spirit gives us to share our faith with all around us so as to build up the Church and make it strong and enduring.

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit can be found in the image above. When people allow the Holy Spirit to come into their lives and transform them, they bear much fruit and the tradition of the Church lists 12 fruits which are:

  • Charity
  • Generosity
  • Joy
  • Gentleness
  • Peace
  • Faithfulness
  • Patience
  • Modesty
  • Kindness
  • Self-control
  • Goodness
  • Chastity

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Breathe into me, Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Move in me, Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. Attract my heart, Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy. Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, that I may defend all that is holy. Protect me, Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy.

  – Saint Augustine

May we be people who ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, for the grace to believe that the Holy Spirit will fill us and give us the courage to share the good news and for the strength to persevere even when others do not understand our message of hope, peace and joy.

Pentecost at GIFT (Grow in Faith Together)

Fourteen of our Year 11 and 12 Remar members went to GIFT on Saturday 22 May and there we considered the fact that the Holy Spirit is a gift from God and that each one of us is also a gift from God to others. We had a great time painting, making and decorating hearts, weaving strands of different coloured card to show we are all woven into God’s plan for the world and sharing afternoon tea. 

Year 13 Remar members are invited to go to the GIFT Pentecost mass and supper on Wednesday 26 May.

Young Vinnies

On Thursday 20th May we had over 20 ākonga from Year 11 to 13 involved in the Cook Up for Young Vinnies. They cooked and packed over 60 meals to be taken to the City Mission where they would be distributed to those who are in need of food or unsure of where their next meal will come from. The ākonga involved spent time reflecting together after their hard work. They were humbled and deeply grateful that they were given the opportunity to serve their community.

Champagnat Day Mass

The feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat is on 6 June and falls during the weekend this year. Therefore, we will celebrate our feast day on Thursday 3 June. All whānau are invited to share in the mass on 3 June at 11:30am. We ask that everyone is seated by 11:15am for the 11:30am start. As part of the celebration, a new set of awards, the Champagnat Awards, will be presented to ākonga, staff and whānau. These awards will recognise the witness of the recipients in living the Champagnat Marist Charism in terms of Wairua o te Whānau (Family Spirit) as that is the pillar we are focusing on in 2021.

Year 12 Retreat

Our Year 12 ākonga enjoyed their retreat at St John Vianney Parish. They spent time reflecting on Pentecost and had a special, spirit-filled day. It was lovely that our chaplain Monsignor Bernard Kiely was able to join the group to finish the day with a mass. We are grateful for the work of both of our chaplains, Monsignor Bernard and Father Rob. 

A unique addition to the day was that our ākonga were invited to spend morning tea and lunchtime with the ākonga from Monte Cecilia Primary School. All of the ākonga and kaiako involved really enjoyed the connection and the entire day.

World Vision Leadership Conference

On 10 May four of our Year 13 student leaders: Jonathan, Jan, Jamie and Scolastica were given the opportunity to attend the annual World Vision Leadership Conference at the Victory Centre. The students were able to learn about how we as a school can work together to develop a greater understanding of the social injustices within our community and the world. They also considered how we can work together to find solutions to these injustices.

Information for New Zealand Catholics Online: 

The Covid-19 Vaccine

The Mission Map for the Auckland Diocese had many different aspects to it and information about it can be found on the Auckland Catholic Diocesan website. As we know, we are a missionary church and, at Pentecost we are reminded of this in a profound way as the end of the Gospel for Pentecost says:

  • “Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

As a missionary church and filled with the Holy Spirit, we are able to reach out to all in need in our own community and to others who need our love and our gift of the Holy Spirit in their lives. One group in the church working in the service of those who struggle financially is The Catholic Caring Foundation and there is information about them and how to support them on the Auckland Catholic Diocesan website. It includes the following statement:

“The Catholic Caring Foundation serves many different individuals and families who find themselves in positions of financial, emotional, spiritual and physical hardship.”

There is a lot more to the Diocesan Mission Map and more information can be found on the Auckland Catholic Diocesan website at:


There have been many events recently which have seen us reaching out to our community. We have connected with local Catholic Primary schools in a range of ways, with Toa Pacific and with our GIFT friends.

Monte Cecilia Primary School 

As was mentioned in the Special Character section, during the Year 12 retreat, our ākonga spent time playing games and having fun with the ākonga from Monte Cecilia Primary. Neither group of students wanted to part from the other. 

St Mary’s Primary, Ellerslie

At present, St Mary’s Primary are running ‘passion projects’ in their school and these are opportunities for the ākonga to develop their understanding of an area or activity that they are particularly passionate about. Some of the ākonga have expressed an interest in Science and in spending time in a Science lab. Marcellin staff have willingly volunteered to transport the ākonga in our school vans and provide the lessons and the laboratory materials.

There was a lovely gathering of 19 ākonga and two staff from St Mary’s as well as 10 of our prefects distributed amongst the groups at Marcellin on Wednesday 19 May. These sessions will run for a total of five weeks. The students really enjoyed the first lesson in which they looked at onion cells through microscopes. We are very grateful to Mrs M Prescott, who has planned and is leading these lessons.

The photo below shows how engaged the ākonga were in the lesson:

St Therese Primary, Three Kings

A group of our ākonga went to St Therese Primary with Mr P Butcher as part of the Year 12 Service activities. They will be going regularly for reading support with the ākonga there who need to develop their reading skills. It was exciting that they went earlier on Thursday 20 May as they were invited to be part of the Book Week Character Parade at St Therese. The ākonga had a wonderful time together and the principal there, wrote a thank you message to us at Marcellin. In it she wrote:

“The staff all commented on how the Marcellin students were so respectful and willing to get involved with the children and, as suspected, our little ones became attached quite quickly.

Was wonderful to have Evelyn, a past student, as part of the service group also.

We really appreciate the efforts that go into making events like this happen and value the experience that it provides for our students to interact with such great role models.

“We look forward to next week’s visit.”

  – Laura Geaney

Toa Pacific

Our Polyfest leaders made a huge impact on the older folk who gathered at Toa Pacific where they spent a wonderful two hours getting to know one another, dancing and singing. A wonderful, inspired community event and we are grateful to Mr L Bourke for organising this for our ākonga. Another group of Year 11 and 12 Polyfest group members will go out again on June 2. Mr Wearmouth’s presence at this event was also greatly appreciated and shows our commitment, as a College, to holistic education as well as our commitment to building connections with our community.


As mentioned in the Special Character section, a group of our Remar members went to GIFT on Saturday 22 May to share their faith and assist with craft activities. More important than anything else to our GIFT friends is the fellowship and conversations with our ākonga.

It was great to have a group of 14 Year 11 and 12 ākonga there for the Pentecost session as they brought life, energy and fun to the gathering. They also reached out to our GIFT friends warmly and confidently. 

We continue to seek new means of connection with our wider community from whom our students learn so much and whom we desire to serve.

Samoan Language Week

The Languages Department have been planning a range of activities for this to celebrate the Samoan culture. We hope that many of our staff and ākonga will get involved in the activities and celebrate their culture or learn something new about the Samoan culture.


Hopefully by this time in the year all ākonga have found at least one co-curricular activity that helps them to develop their strengths and talents and empowers them to see their giftedness. We aim to provide as broad a range of activities and opportunities as possible.

Sustainability Group

The sustainability group continues to meet with Mrs Olsen to consider ways in which they can develop their own understanding of sustainability and raise awareness of important ways in which we can all work to develop a more sustainable future.


Our Remar members continue to meet to consider relevant topics and themes. New members or returning members are always welcome. The meetings occur during the following lunchtimes:

Monday – Year 13

Wednesday – Year 11

Friday – Year 12

Remar meetings are always important opportunities to develop the prayer life of those involved and to find ways to encounter Christ and one another. Prayer, faith sharing around particular issues and games which build a strong sense of whānau amongst members are important. Below is a photo of Mr A Lensen leading a game at the end of a Remar session. It is evident that the ākonga in the photo are really enjoying the fun together!

We look forward to welcoming Year 10 ākonga into the Remar whānau later in the term.


It is great to see so many of our ākonga getting involved in sports teams and representing the school so effectively. Ākonga are working hard to improve their skills and to remain committed to their codes and teams.

Great to see the jiu jitsu team going for a run to improve their fitness levels, many different teams training before and afterschool.

Many of the winter codes have had their first games and have been successful. We hope they will continue to show that they are great sports and affirm team members during games.

One of the best

One of our awesome Students, Zane Gordon, Recently competed in the Special Olympics swimming competition. Zane had a great day out and enjoyed representing our school.

He competed in a number of events and came 4th in 50 metres freestyle. Congratulations Zane, You made us proud!

Winter Season in Full Spring

With our summer sports out of the way, our winter season is upon us and our Marcellin College sports teams have had a great start to their 2021 campaigns. We have a number of sports competing all around Auckland in different secondary school competitions. Results, draws and other key information is posted to our instagram and facebook pages as well as on the notice board in the gym.

A special shout out to our Netball girls who have just completed their grading rounds, our Year 9, 10 and 2 senior girls teams have been battling it out at the Auckland Netball centre early on Saturday mornings and will look to continue their success as the 2021 season progresses.

Our basketball teams are also off to a flying start without boys and girls both playing in Open B Grade this year and our two junior boys teams are showing great commitment and excellence.

Volunteers Needed

We are always on the lookout for fantastic volunteers to help with our many teams playing this year. If you or someone you know is interested in helping with coaching and team management, please feel free to contact our Director of Sport Zac Moulder, We really appreciate the hard work and dedication that is shown by all our staff and volunteers, Ngā mihi

Writing Competitions

There are still opportunities to submit work for the writing competitions mentioned below: 

The Sargeson Prize short story competition is now open for entries! The Secondary Schools division has a 3000-word limit, and carries a first prize of $500 and a summer writing internship at the University of Waikato.

Enrolled secondary school students aged 16-18 are eligible to enter, and entries are open from now until 30 June.

This year’s judge is Patricia Grace.

Find out more about this competition on the website below or ask your English teacher:

Sargeson Prize – Arts and Social Sciences


The New Zealand Poetry Award



We are very proud of our Advanced Debating team who won their first debate and who have had previous experience in debating. We wish them well for future debates, knowing that the competition can be very challenging.

We hope that all of our ākonga will find a co-curricular activity that will enable them to share their gifts and talents with our Marcellin College Community.


Northern Mystics Home Games


The Northern Mystics are back home at The Trusts Arena after 3 weeks on the road and it’s a rematch against our Southern rivals the Ascot Park Southern Steel.  You don’t want to miss this match – make sure you get there early to get the best seats in the house.

Doors Open:      3pm

Centre Pass:       4pm

Tickets on sale now at: 

Promo Code:  MYSTSCHOOL21


The Northern Mystics are up against the Robinhood Stars in the first match of the Barfoot & Thompson Northern Challenge on Sunday 6 June.  Tickets include the curtain raiser match which sees the Northern Marvels take on the Comets in the National Netball League at 4pm.

Doors Open:                     3pm

Marvels vs Comets          Centre Pass: 4pm

Mystics vs Stars              Centre Pass:  6pm

Tickets on sale now at: 

Promo Code:  MYSTSCHOOL21

Waikato University Open Days 

Waikato University Open day for the Hamilton campus is on May 21 and for the Tauranga campus on May 28.

You can click on the following link to register: Waikato Univeristy Open Day registration .


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