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Seek the Best – Rapu I Te Pai.
Ngawari – Simplicity

Message from the Principal

Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula, Kamonaso, Kia Orana, Ni Hao, Namaste, Ram-Ram, Salām, Sanibona, Ola, warm greetings to all.

Thank you to whānau for your support during this period of disruption to everyday life. With the reduced numbers of students on site every day and the health measures we have in place, school is a very safe place to be. Please ensure that your child(ren) attend on their year level contact days to stay connected with peers and up to date with their subjects. If your child is self isolating and they need extra support with their online learning, please contact your Kaiārahi/Dean to let us know.

This week is Cocurricular Week. At Marcellin College we are very proud of the cocurricular programme that is offered to our ākonga/students. Your child will be learning all about the various groups, clubs and teams they can join and have the opportunity to sign up. Please do not worry if your child is self isolating, sign up is an online process so they will not miss out.

Our programme offers a broad range of activities and we would hope that all ākonga will be involved. Being involved in cocurricular activities can truly transform how a child sees themself and the world around them. Also, for our school, participation grows a further sense of belonging to our school community and our wairua o te whānau/family spirit. So, please take time to read this Newsletter and encourage your child(ren) to sign up and join in.

As our Lenten season begins this week, we reflect on the importance of God in our lives; focusing through fasting, almsgiving and prayer. It is so timely given this stage of the Omicron outbreak. On Fasting during the Lenten season, Pope Francis writes:

Fast from hurting words and say kind words, Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude

Fast from anger and be filled with patience, Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope

Fast from worries and trust in God, Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity

Fast from pressures and be prayerful,  Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with joy

Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others, Fast from grudges and be reconciled

Fast from words and be silent—so you can listen.

When we are mindful of our own thoughts and actions, we are remembering and practicing our call to be followers of Christ, helping ourselves and others through challenging times. Please continue to keep all ākonga and whānau who are isolating with Covid or with family members especially in your prayers this week. 


Ngā mihi nui whānau,

Dean Wearmouth


Important Notices

Health & Safety

Phase 3 – Getting tested for COVID-19 

Phase 3

Getting tested for COVID-19

You should only get a COVID-19 test if:

  • you have symptoms, or
  • you are a Household Contact.

If you test positive for COVID-19

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will need to isolate for 10 days. You isolate for 10 days from the day your symptoms started or from the day you got your positive test – whichever is earlier. You can leave isolation after 10 days —  you do not need a negative test. Positive cases are no longer receiving ‘release’ notifications when the self-isolation period has ended. 


If you live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you are a Household Contact. You will need to:

  • self-isolate from the day the person with COVID-19 tests positive or is notified as a probable case until they complete their 10 days of isolation
  • get a test on day 3 and day 10 of the isolation period, or sooner if you develop symptoms. If you are a Household Contact and you test positive, you will need to isolate for 10 days. You can return to school on Day 11 if you have had two negative tests and not developed symptoms.

At Phase 3, Close Contacts do not need to isolate. You should monitor for symptoms for 10 days. If you develop symptoms get a test, and stay home until you get your result.

If you have any of the below symptoms, please do not attend school and get a test as soon as possible. If ākonga are at school with the below symptoms, they will be sent home. 

  • A new or worsening cough
  • Sneezing and runny nose
  • A fever
  • Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath

If you are a positive case or a household contact, please just let the school know, so we can update your child’s KAMAR details. 

School Event Calendar – Important Dates

To keep up to date with school events please click on the following link as these are updated regularly:

School Policies

The school board would like to encourage our Marcellin whānau to please take part
in the review of our School Policies. Your feedback is much appreciated.

The current Policies under review are:

Please follow the instructions below to submit your comments and review.

1. Visit the website

2. Enter the username (marcellin) and password (seekthebest).

3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.

4. Read the policy.

5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

6. Select the reviewer type “Parent”.

7. Enter your name (optional).

8. Submit your ratings and comments.

9. If you don’t have internet access, school office staff can provide you with
printed copies of the policy and a review form.

Learning and Curriculumn


Thank you for all your support with your tamariki / child(ren)’s ako.  As we head into the halfway point for the term, it is important that you encourage your tamariki to keep connected and keep learning at their own pace.  
Weeks 5 and 6 Rostered Learning for Years 9 – 13 can be found on the Ako / Learning Website and has been emailed to all ākonga/students (Click on this link to access the Ako / Learning website:

Year 12 and 13 Fashion students designs

The Year 12 and 13 Fashion students have been experimenting with different ways of applying designs to fabric. Last week Friday they tried printing using a gelatine plate. 

Co-Curricular Week 2022

This week we celebrate and promote the Co-Curricular programme of our school.  Each Co-Curricular activity is developed to enable our ākonga to engage with our Marist Pillars, and to grow their gifts and talents as they participate in these broader ako / learning opportunities.  Furthermore, essential skills for scholarships and employment opportunities are developed and strengthened, like leadership, resilience, problem-solving, and confidence in these activities.
For more information, go to our school website or click on the following link to access our Co-Curricular Brochure [].  
Advice for Whānau / families:
  1. Encourage your tamariki / child(ren) to choose up to three groups across the different areas so they have a good balance and don’t over-commit.  
  2. Regularly talk / kōrero / talanoa with your tamariki about the co-curricular activities they are involved with to share in their experience and talk through any ‘highs and lows’.

New Whānau Open Evening – Online Event

All prospective ākonga/learners with their whānau/families are warmly invited to join us on Thursday 3 March, 6.30 pm via Google Meet, to find out more about our ‘High Achieving Family’ school.  
Register on our school website home page to join us for half an hour to learn about our high achieving school, extensive co-curricular opportunities, and nurturing family environment. Click on the following link to register Marcellin College Virtual Open Evening link
Seek the Best for your tamariki / child!

Timetable for Weeks 5 and 6

The following timetable has been confirmed for Weeks Five and Six. This timetable ensures all ākonga from Year 9-13 have two onsite contact days per week, covering all subjects, including tasters and options. Offsite learning will continue via our Ako/Learning website on the days ākonga are learning from home. Year 7 and 8 ākonga will be onsite every day. 

Week 5 

Week 6

Pastoral Care

Remember you can contact your tamariki/child’s kaiārahi directly, should you have any pātai/questions or concerns. Our kaiārahi for this year are:
Yr 7&8 – Miss Jeanavieve Pome’e (
Yr 9 – Mr Anthony Lensen (
Yr 10 – Miss Jess Stenberg (
Yr 11 – Ms Cheryl Schuster (
Yr 12 – Mr Craig Mildon (
Yr 13 – Mrs Karen Rodrigues (


Check out the Five Ways to Wellbeing poster below:
Also remember to visit our Hauora/Wellbeing section on our Ako/Learning site for more ideas:

Special Character:

Bishop Steve Lowe: Installation Mass

On the 19th of February, we celebrated the installation of Bishop Steve Lowe at the Cathedral of St Patrick and St Joseph in Auckland. The Mass was a great event and attended by many Bishops and Priests and special guests around Aotearoa. We were privileged to send our Head Prefect- Rita Tuitavuki as our Marcellin representative. This is what she had to say- “I had the privilege as Head Girl to represent Marcellin College alongside the Head Prefects of other Marist schools in Auckland. We were invited alongside special guests to experience the once in lifetime opportunity of witnessing first hand the installation of Bishop Steve Lowe. I got to meet and introduce myself to a lot of wonderful people and leaders that I bonded with so quickly. I am thankful and grateful for taking this opportunity not only as a Head Prefect but as a Marcellin wahine representing my school loud and proud.” 

For more information, please visit-

Prefects Dedication Mass 2022: Blessed are you….

Our Prefects Dedication Mass was celebrated on the 25th of February at Good Shepherd Parish. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to invite and celebrate with our Marcellin whānau and commission our Prefects as they carry out their ministry in our school. As we listened to the readings at Mass we were reminded of the importance of loving each other as important members of Christ’s family. Just as Jesus showed us how to respect, care and be kind to each other, in the same way we must be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. Our attitude is a reflection of our Christian values. The Beatitudes in the Gospel are tools to help us. Jesus taught his disciples what it means to be the face of Christ; that we are blessed when we think of others, to be peacemakers and let God’s light shine through us. In his Homily, Monsignor Bernard, our school chaplain, reminded us to practice the 3 P’s- participation, praise and prayer. 

We pray for our Prefects that they will be led by the Holy Spirit to be the face of God to all those they encounter and live the Gospel Values with joy. 

Ash Wednesday and Lent

In the RED traffic light setting, Liturgies will continue in our Kaitiaki time. Marcellin ākonga are invited to participate in these Liturgies. We continue to deepen our understanding of Simplicity and see Jesus as our role model to help us understand the true meaning of Simplicity. Ākonga are encouraged to listen to the Scriptures, listen to songs and join in prayers and ask God to help us as we work towards bringing God’s kingdom here on earth through faith and action. 

This week we also begin our Lenten journey starting with Ash Wednesday on the 2nd of March. Ākonga will get an opportunity to participate in our Ash Wednesday Liturgy during their Kaitiaki time. Ash Wednesday begins our Lenten journey as we are called to penance, reflection and fasting and almsgiving. The cross of ashes on our forehead reminds us of our need for God’s grace, we acknowledge our sins and ask for God’s mercy as we strive to glorify God in our words and actions. As we receive the ashes, we are reminded to ‘turn away from sin and remain faithful to the Gospel.’

The theme for Lent this year is ‘Called to be Peacemakers: Building Dreams Together.’ This is inspired from the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:9 and Pope Francis’ encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti.’ Together we are called to build the kingdom of God here on earth, as people of peace, showing God’s love to everyone especially those who are in need of our help. We are called to provide for the needs of the poor, putting the needs of others first and think of ways we can be better

by working together. In our Religious Education classes, students used the image of the dove to reflect and write on their Lenten goals. This could be something they wish to give up or something they wish to put into practice more often. Our ākonga will have many opportunities to participate and reflect on their Lenten journey in class, in our Liturgies and Stations of the Cross during lunchtimes run by the St Peter Chanel Society. 

An excerpt and prayer from Caritas as we begin our Lenten journey,

“As Lent begins we draw closer to God and remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his love for us. We are challenged to put others before ourselves and dream for a better world. It is through simple acts of love by individuals (starting with us) that can transform our world for the better.”

Let us pray and ask Jesus, our Brother to journey with us in this Lenten season:

Lord Jesus, guide us this day as we begin this season of Lent. May your Spirit lead us now as you were led in the desert for 40 days. Help us to overcome the challenges we face in our lives. Help us also to dream of something better and bring peace, light and hope into the world. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amene.

Upcoming Events:

Sports News:

Have a go day – Co-Curricular Week 2022

During Co Curricular this term the Sports Department will be running a multisport “Have a go day” during lunch times. This is open to all students who want to perhaps try a new or different sport and give it a go. There is also a chance to sign up for all of our upcoming winter sports starting in term 2 this year. Registrations are open via the link below

Coaches and Mangers expressions of interests

With our Winter season fast approaching, Marcellin College sports department is on the lookout for coaches and managers for our term 2 and term 3 codes. These include, Netball, Basketball, Rugby,  Badminton and Soccer. If you are interested and want to be apart of some amazing College teams with excellent students, please feel free to email our Director of Sport Mr Zac Moulder

Winter Sports registrations

Term 2 winter sports are just around the corner, registrations for your favorite winter sport are now open. Sign up sheets will be on the sports notice board in the gym. You can aslo sign up via the link below. This is on our facebook and sports instagram pages. With a disrupted 2021 season, we are eager to have a great season of sport this year. For more information, contact our sports department via email.

Marcellin College Sports Academy

In 2022, Marcellin College is launching a new Sports Academy. This is designed to help empower, inspire and grow our students into the best versions of themselves on and off the field. With leadership courses, specially designed S&C programs and coaching development programs, the Marcellin College Sports Academy’s aim is to help build up our students and give them real world learning and leadership development through the medium of sport. These programs will be integrated into our senior winter teams in 2022 and will look to expand in 2023 and beyond. For more information please contact our Director of Sport Zac Moulder via email at


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