24 Hōngongoi/July 2023 Edition
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Marcellin College Newsletter

Rāhina/Monday 24 Hōngongoi/July 2023

Message from the Tumuaki/Principal -

Ms. Maria Prescott

Matariki and Marist blessings to you all!

As we start the new term, we are grateful for the time with our whānau and loved ones to refresh and recharge our own hauora and wellbeing. During the holiday we celebrated the Māori New Year, Matariki, which symbolises the time to gather and remember with honour the past, celebrate with gratitude the present, and plan for a hope-filled future.

Yesterday, on Hōngongoi / July 23, the Fourvière Pledge was taken by St Marcellin Champagnat and aspiring Marists to start the Society of Mary - the Marists in 1816, in the Chapel beside the Basilica in Fourvière, Lyon. It is a significant moment for all Marist brothers, sisters, laity and priests all over the world as it is the birth of the Society of Mary. Our kura/school has a rich history and whakapapa, please encourage your tamariki to share this with you as they learn about this in their Religious Education lessons.

Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua (I walk backwards into the future with my eyes fixed on my past) is a Māori whakatauki that comes to mind as we reflect on Matariki and the Fourvière Pledge and the important school events that will begin this term. This includes the Catholic Character Review, Feast of the Assumption and Sacramental school Masses, supporting our ākonga as they complete final assessments and prepare for the examinations as well as course selection for the coming new year.

The new Strategic Planning and Reporting framework by the Ministry of Education outlines the way Marcellin College will implement the Education and Training Act 2020’s objectives in relation to the National Education and Learning Priorities. It is VITAL that you and your whānau have your say in OUR kura Strategic Plan 2024 - 2026 so please look out for the whānau consultation hui dates later this term. Together, we will collaborate as a learning community to co-design a strategic plan that will ensure all ākonga will achieve success, confidence and connectedness at Marcellin College. Please complete the initial survey to find out more about what consultation looks like to you and your whānau. Click here to access the link (https://forms.gle/ZE6gc5Ae1E9nJm8K7 )

This term we will continue to focus on attendance and engagement. Research shows that missing school leads to lower achievement and wellbeing so it is important that your tamariki/child(ren) attends school regularly. With the large number of disruptions which led to lost learning last term, EVERY DAY MATTERS and you play a significant role in making sure your tamariki attends school on time and ready to learn. Last term, our senior year levels had the lowest average attendance rates overall which is a very big concern. Please continue to encourage your tamariki to attend school everyday. Our staff are here to support you, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

At the end of Term Two, we said farewell to Mr Brendan Bergin, Religious Education kaiako, who received a scholarship to continue his post-graduate studies in Catholic Identify and Faith Leadership. Ms. Theresa Hyde-Hills, our long serving Guidance Counsellor also leaves us this term to complete her sabbatical and we welcome Ms. Jenny Goddard as our Guidance Counsellor for Term Three. We are blessed to have Ms. Alea Macam join us in the Maths faculty as Assistant Head of Maths and kaiako.

With the staffing changes, whānau please talk with your tamariki about their timetable and learning goals for this term. Practice exams and check weeks are just around the corner and it is important that your tamariki have a thorough revision programme in place. T3 Ako, after school mentoring sessions, will begin this week and more information about your tamariki’s learning and the school notices can be found on the KAMAR School Portal, email your tamariki’s kaiārahi for your personal username and password.

As we begin Term Three, we continue to pray for our Mother Mary’s intercessions and prayers, that we continue to follow in her way with our aroaro/presence and care for others, and that we see each other as God sees us, with unconditional love and support.

Ngā manaakitanga Marcellin whānau
Ms. Maria Prescott

Important Notice

2024 Enrolments Open

An urgent notice to whānau who have siblings or other whānau or friends who are yet to enrol at Marcellin College, please send an online application via the school website. The New Whānau evening is fast approaching and if your tamariki needs extra learning support and/or a transition plan, we need to know this now to arrange meeting and visit days. Please send the word out to your networks.

Special Character

Remar Retreat in Tauranga

A group of 4 teachers and 15 Remar ākonga visited Aquinas College in Tauranga for a two day retreat. We were warmly welcomed by Deputy Principal Susan Van Zyl and an ex-Marcellin colleague Leon Roberson (Assistant Principal). The focus of the retreat was about peer ministry, being called to mission, and we listened to testimonies by ākonga from Aquinas College. All workshops/sessions were held in the marae. One highlight was the walk up Mount Maunganui which was both a physical and spiritual journey. This was followed by the evening liturgy with a focus on affirmation and prayer. We attended the early morning mass at St Therese Chapel which is situated on Bethlehem Shore. It was truly a spiritual experience to celebrate mass while seeing the beach through the window. We connected well with ākonga and teachers at Aquinas College and started tentative plans to invite them to Marcellin College next year to continue this spiritual journey.A special thank you to Mr B Bergin for organising the retreat.We thank God for this amazing opportunity and for safe travels.

Mr. B Bergin, Mr. F Nakaora, Ms. I Maglalang and Mrs. B Brooks

Celebrating Ākonga Success

Faculty Certificates

Āwhina Ako
  • Tomislav Jurisich - For achieving Supported Learning Standard 27106 via Te Kura
  • Dominic Mahoney - For achieving Supported Learning Standard 27106 via Te Kura
  • Molly Hanrahan - For achieving Supported Learning Standard 27106 via Te Kura
  • Zane Gordon - For achieving Supported Learning Standard 27106 via Te Kura
Retail Service Award - Red Shirts in Schools:
  • Sesilia Havili
  • Grace Takai
  • Lupe Halafau
  • Sylvia Tuala
  • Ceciley Payne Mapa
  • Akanesiline Sili
  • Hayley Kali
  • Grace Collins
  • Crystal Kaihea
  • Selina Wentholt

Pillar Badges

Congratulations to the following ākonga who have been demonstrating the Marist pillar Aroaro/Presence in the month of June.

Juriell Balabat
Trisha Caraig
Davina Ta'ufo'ou
Benjamin Tuang Vungh
Krystal Samosoni
Afinova Binu
B10DSZ Ricardo Figota
B11ONL Jessica Peacock
B11YNG Roanne Martin
B12SHL Angelie Perillo
B13BRN Faustina Viliamu
M9BRG Sabine Penitani
M9KTU Kyle Soriba
M10TOK Leah Clarke
M11ILA Julianne Sigua
M12FRW Vincent Oudenhoven
M13PEL Alacoque Ah Wa-Viau
P78SNG Zeus Laurenciana
P9LVS Yen Nguyen
P9OSN Hadley Leith
P11HKN Molly Hanrahan
P12PTR Zane Gordon
P13LUA Peter Elizalde

Ako/Teaching & Learning

Term three is another busy term for ako / learning. All Year 7-10 ākonga have started new tasters and/or options this term, and Year 11-13 ākonga will be completing all internal assessments by the end of this term, in preparation for external exams. In Week 5 of this term, all Year 10, 11 & 12 ākonga will be required to select their options for 2024 - now is a great time to have a kōrero about what these options might be. All ākonga will visit our school Careers and Options Expo held in the gym on Rāpare/Thursday 17 Hereturikōkā/August, which will also help them with their selection. Senior practice exams have been moved from Weeks 7 & 8 this term to Weeks 1 & 2 next term. This is in response to lost learning time for our senior ākonga in Term Two. The exam timetable will be shared later this term.

Faculties feature

Faculty of Technology
The Year 10 Technology classes ran another successful market on the last day of term 2. Kaiako were very impressed with how ākonga worked in such a focused manner throughout the term to create their products ready for selling. Thank you to all those who came along to buy food and products and support these talented ākonga.

The Year 10 Technology course is a pathway to the senior NCEA Technology courses including Design, Digital Technology, Fashion & Design, Hospitality, and Materials Industries. Come and speak to any of the Technology kaiako if you would like to know more about the senior courses.

Mrs Rebecca O'Neill - Acting HOF Technology
Faculty of Religious Education
The Religious Studies Pilot in 2023 has been a fun and insightful journey so far! Not only are we working with the new Religious Studies Standards, but we are also working with the new Year 11 Achievement Objectives found in the curriculum To Tātou Whakapono. Our ākonga have worked well with the new standards and have completed their Te Rongopai (The Good News) achievement standard in Term One. In this assessment, ākonga needed to research the foundations of a Gospel and then explain the teachings in Luke’s Gospel. Our ākonga engaged well and found it interesting to learn about the key messages in the Story of Zacchaeus and the Parable of the Good Samaritan. In Term Two, ākonga had to do a Social Inquiry into the establishment of the Church in Aotearoa New Zealand, the establishment of the diocese and the factors that led to the establishment of the cultural Chaplancies in Auckland. Many chose to write about the Tongan, Samoan and Filipino Chaplaincies. Sincere thanks to Mrs Eden Ward, Miss Jeanavieve Pomee and Mrs Isabelita Maglalang for the resources that were provided to help ākonga in their research. This Term we are focusing on our first external, a written report under exam conditions. We will also prepare for the external examination where ākonga will be writing about the key characteristics of the Catholic Church and Buddhism. It has been a great experience being part of the Pilot Schools and working with NZQA. We have built strong resources to help our ākonga achieve to the best of their ability and these resources will continue to be used as we move into fully implementing the new standards with the rest of the country in 2024.

Mrs Karen Rodrigues - HOF Religious Education.

Pastoral and Hauora


Please take the time to talk with your tamariki/child(ren) about their learning goals for Term Three and the expected behaviours of our school.
Here are key reminders to ensure our school is a safe physical and emotional environment for our Marcellin whānau and the wider community:
  1. Marcellin College is a Smokefree school at all times - smoking, vaping including e-cigarettes on the school grounds is ILLEGAL and not permitted anywhere at Marcellin College and in public transport (buses, trains or ferries). For more details, refer to our school Smokefree Policy
  2. Bullying is harmful behaviour that is not acceptable at Marcellin College. This includes verbal, physical, social bullying and discrimination. For more details, refer to our school Bullying Policy and Harassment Policy.

Attendance Targets

A reminder of our attendance targets which are in line with the Ministry of Education attendance targets for 2024:

70% ākonga attending school regularly (attending more than 90%)
6% ākonga who are moderately absent (attending more than 70% up to 80%)
5% ākonga who are chronically absent (attending 70% or less)

Please continue to inform us promptly if your child/ren will be absent from school.

The direct link between attendance and academic achievement is well documented. The aim of Marcellin College is to have all ākonga attendance at 85% or above.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our ākonga are at school every day and on time.

Late to School Procedure

Procedure for students who are late to school with no justified reason. Please be reminded that the school day begins at 8:40am so students who arrive after this time are considered late.

NB: “Justified reason” means a note, text message or phone call from home to inform the school eg. Medical certificate

LATE TO SCHOOL x1 in a fortnight:
Attendance officer to send a text message to whānau to inform them their child has arrived late and also the next step in the escalation process.

LATE TO SCHOOL x2 in a fortnight:
Attendance officer to send a text message to whānau to inform them their child has arrived late for the second time and also the next step in the escalation process.

LATE TO SCHOOL x3 in a fortnight:
Attendance officer to send a text message to whānau to inform them their child has arrived late for the third time. Attendance officer to refer to Kaiārahi. Kaiārahi to contact whānau and ākonga placed on Daily attendance report for 1 week. Whānau are notified of the next step in the escalation process.

LATE TO SCHOOL x4 in a fortnight:
Attendance officer to send a text message to whānau to inform them their child has arrived late for the fourth time. Attendance officer to refer to senior leader. Senior leader to meet with whānau. Whānau are notified of the next step in the escalation process.

LATE TO SCHOOL x5 in a fortnight:
Attendance officer to refer to senior leader. Senior leader to complete incident report for continual disobedience and present to Tumuaki/ Principal for further action.


The Marcellin College uniform is an important badge of our identity and is to be worn neatly and correctly at all times. With the cooler weather fast approaching, the school jersey and/or jackets are available from the Warehouse (Royal Oak) to purchase.

Makeup is not part of the Marcellin College uniform and is not to be worn to school (this includes nail polish and false eyelashes). Boys must be clean-shaven when at school. The only jewelry to be part of our uniform is one small stud in each ear. Hair should be clean, natural in colour and tied up neatly and off the face. This applies to both our young men and young women.

Footwear: Acceptable footwear at Marcellin College are plain black leather shoes. The shoes must come below the ankle (boots are not allowed). There is to be no fancy trim, no sports shoes or extreme styles. Canvas shoes are not permitted.

Beanies and Puffer jackets are not part of the Marcellin College school uniform and will be confiscated and handed to Tumuaki Tuarua/ Deputy Principal Pastoral care.

If for any reason your child needs to wear an incorrect item of uniform for a day, please send them to school with a note so that they can get a uniform pass from Student Services for that day. If a uniform pass is needed for a longer period of time, please contact your child’s kaiārahi (see details below), as they may be able to offer additional support.

Year 7 & 8 : Miss Jeanavieve Pome’e (pomeej@marcellin.school.nz)
Year 9: Ms. Michelle Diaz (diazm@marcellin.school.nz)
Year 10: Mr Anthony Lensen (lensena@marcellin.school.nz)
Year 11: Miss Jess Stenberg (stenbergj@marcelin.school.nz)
Year 12: Miss Melissa Bell (bellm@marcellin.school.nz)
Year 13: Mr Craig Mildon (mildonc@marcellin.school.nz)

For regular up to date information, follow our school's Social Media Facebook and Instagram platforms which can be found on our school website.

May our Loving God continue to keep us safe and bless us with courage, strength and faith that St Marcellin and our Blessed Mother Mary showed, as we prepare for the new term.

Ngā mihi maioha Marcellin whānau

Samuel Tanielu
Tumuaki Tuarua / Deputy Principal


1001 Spheres Art Project

On Saturday 1st July , Tyler Oroanu and I attended the launch and blessing ceremony of the 1001 Sphere art installation, commissioned by the Auckland Council for Monte Cecilia park.

The work was created by artists Chiara Corbelletto and Judith Tompson and it is dedicated to Aotearoa’s journey towards gender equality. Tyler was asked to write something based on this theme and his piece is part of the artwork.

The blessing ceremony went well, with a window of clear sky and sunshine. Tyler was directly involved in the ribbon cutting ceremony which was a proud moment.
There will be a follow up event on November 23rd, where all the writing contributions to the artwork will be displayed.

Marcellin is proud of Tyler’s contribution to this artwork, which resides in close proximity to our kura.

Mr James Moore
HOF Creative Arts

Duke of Edinburgh Overnight Trip - 20th to 21st July 2023

On Thursday the 20th of July 14 ākonga/students left school for Whātipu. This is for the bronze qualifying trip.

Ākonga had to climb two ridge lines with an elevation of about 250 m above sea level. They had to push themselves physically in order to achieve this. There was an aspect of danger that they had to navigate safely. During the night they had their first experience with night navigation. Ākonga had to use a compass in the dark to find checkpoints and for an added challenge it was done without any lights, so no torches.
We managed to stay dry in the comfort of a lodge and had some good team building games with a roaring fire to keep the spirits high.
Friday started with a warm breakfast followed by a second hike before returning back to school.

Mr Michiel Pieters


1st XIII - Manager's Report

The end of round robin pool play didn’t go as well as planned for the 1st XIII. Sadly we went down to a strong and well prepared ASDAH team who took full advantage of a dry track to run out 22-16 winners. Loads of positives to take from the game though as at one stage ASDAH led 22-6 but a spirited fightback led by our captain Atelea Filo clawed back the score to a respectable finish. Strong performances from Marcellin were again initiated from the front with Victor Ah Yuk, TJ Mafileo and Isaiah Bentley. They set the platform for the likes of David Filo and man of the match Fae Takai with an impressive 13 carries and 3 very important tackles. A special mention goes out to David Losalu who didn’t miss a tackle all game and fought hard against a strong ASDAH team, and also our Captain Atelea Filo who always leads from the front with his defence and the many options he provides on attack. Fortunately we are through to the next round which will be against Otahuhu College.


Parent Portal

An email has been sent to whānau and ākonga with the username and password details for accessing the parent portal via the link below.

Social Media Links

Download the Marcellin College School App

KAMAR parent portal


Netsafety Week 2023

This year’s Netsafety Week theme is -
Arming Aotearoa with the tools for positive online experiences

The week runs from July 24 - 30 and aims to provide practical tools and harm prevention support to enable New Zealanders to get the most benefit - and the least harm - while living their digital lives.
Below are references on how to report a social media incident, and to help guide parents/whānau with YouTube usage at home.

Netsafes' Parent Portal Toolkit

Netsafe has created the Online Safety Parent Toolkit to get parents and whānau talking about online safety. As young people spend more time online, it's important that parents and whānau can teach their child/children to have a safe online experience.https://netsafe.org.nz/parenttoolkit/You can also download the Online Safety Parent Toolkit resource in English, Te Reo, Samoan and Tongan.

School Policy - Reviews

Kia ora koutou whānau,

Please visit the link below to see the school policies and the current policy under review for this term are:
Term 3 review topics
Review opens 17 July
Curriculum and Student Achievement

Board review

Board review

Board review

All reviewers
  1. Visit the website https://marcellin.schooldocs.co.nz/1893.htm
  2. Enter the username (marcellin) and password (seekthebest).
  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
  4. Read the policy.
  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select the reviewer type.
  7. Enter your name (optional).
  8. Submit your ratings and comments.
If you don't have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy and a review form.

Please email office@marcellin.school.nz if you would like to have a hard copy provided and posted to you.

Community Events and Notices

Te Whatu Hauora - Minor Health Conditions Service

This winter, between Monday 12 June and Saturday 30 September, participating community pharmacies in Auckland will provide a Minor Health Conditions Service for Māori and Pacific people, children aged under 14 years, and community service card holders.

The service allows pharmacists to have a clinical consultation and provide advice as well as medication if needed for a select set of minor health conditions no cost to the patient.

It also includes whānau members of a child with similar symptoms. For example, if the pharmacist determines your child needs treatment for scabies and they have older brothers or sisters, or you yourself also have symptoms, they may provide advice and medication for all of you.

The following health conditions are included in the Minor Health Conditions Service:
  • Acute diarrhoea
  • Dehydration
  • Eye inflammation and infections
  • Scabies
  • Headlice
  • Pain and fever
  • Eczema/Dermatitis
  • Minor skin infections
If your condition needs further support, the pharmacist can tell you the best place to go to get further help.

Let’s spread the word to our friends and whānau about this new service! It’s also important to remember that you can always speak to your local pharmacist for free health advice, even if you are not eligible for this service.

Participating pharmacies can be found by going to HealthPoint and searching “Minor Health Conditions”. You can also find a list here https://smex12-5-en-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=www.tewhatuora.govt.nz%2fgo%2dwell&umid=03f15db0-214a-489f-8314-00eb263ff8f0&auth=a274b9305a0a6774f29265a98f8f893dbafe8641-7336a07cf314fecd43e11828bcc2ef38514cf6e9.

SHORT and LONG TERM Homestays Families Wanted!

Kind and welcoming families are required to provide homestay accommodation for International Students.
We are expecting a number of new International Students to arrive from a range of different countries throughout the year. Inviting an overseas student into your home and family not only benefits the student, but the hosting families will also enjoy the cultural enrichment hosting brings into their home. There will be a mixture of short and long term students arriving. The International team and our Homestay Company are available to assist homestay families throughout the student's stay.
For further information re payment, please contact Ms Tiffany O’Brien (obrient@marcellin.school.nz) at Marcellin College or Motoko Sugimura, KiwiCare Guardian Services Ltd (motoko@kiwienglish.co.nz)