30 Haratua/May 2023 Edition
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Marcellin College Newsletter

Rātu/Tuesday 30 Haratua/May 2023

Message from the Tumuaki/Principal -

Ms. Maria Prescott

Tālofa lava and blessed greetings to all our Marcellin aiga / family!

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the Church on Pentecost Sunday and we recall the Holy Spirit coming down upon the tiny group of apostles gathered in the upper room, along with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. You will have seen the reds, yellows and oranges in church - representing the ‘tongues of fire’ that came to rest on each of the apostles, a symbol of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit.

We give thanks to God for the gift of the Holy Spirit that fills us with alofa / love and lototele / courage to carry on the mission of the Church today. Our fānau / children demonstrated the work of the Holy Spirit in each of them in the way they collaborated to create their companies (10 Business Studies in the Deloitte Programme), in the way they persevered and showed commitment in preparation for the Aladdin Junior school production, in the way they encouraged one another at Year 9 camp to overcome fear and cross the high beam at Kokako Lodge, in the way they showed sportsmanship during the Dox Shield rugby game, and in the way they show respect and care for their peers and staff in the classrooms.

This week we look forward to seeing this in the celebration of Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 2023 with the theme ‘Mitamita i lau gagana, maua’a lou fa’asinomaga / Be proud of your language and grounded in your identity’. Fa’afetai tele lava to the Languages faculty and Samoan fānau who have prepared activities for our Marcellin aiga to experience the beauty of their cultural language and identity.

Next week the Marcellin aiga is going to the Cathedral of St Patrick and St Joseph to celebrate the feast day of St Marcellin Champagnat, reminding ourselves of the footsteps in which we follow. Fa’afetai tele lava to our school Chaplain, Monsignor Bernard Kiely, the staff and fānau who have offered their ministry at the Mass. Matua (parents / caregivers) are very welcome to come and celebrate our Feast Day Mass with us at 10.00 am.

As we come to the end of May, the month of devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary, may we always be reminded of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, the spirit that lives within each of us; the Lord, the Giver of life. May the Spirit guide us to continue to seek the best in ourselves, the best in others and to Seek Jesus through Mary, our Beloved Mother.

Tātou tatalo / Let us pray

Si o’u alofa Maria: Hail Mary

Si o’u alofa Maria,
ua tumu oe i le kalasia,
ua ia te oe le Alii,
ua manuia oe i fafine uma,
ma ua manuia o Iesu,
le fua o lou alo.
Maria paia e,
le Tinä o le Atua,
ia le talosia i matou tagata agasala,
i ona po nei,
ma le ituaso o lo matou oti.

Ms. Maria Prescott

Upcoming Key Dates

Teacher's Only day - Rāmere/Friday 2 Pipiri

School will be closed this Rāmere/Friday 2 Pipiri/June for Teacher's Only day and will reopen on Rātū/Tuesday 6 Pipiri/June.

Marcellin College Champagnat Feast Day mass

An information letter was emailed out to whānau/families of the logistics for our Champagnat Feast Day mass. We invite all our whānau to attend this special event, see the invitation below for more details.

Special Character

Pentecost Sunday

“As the Father sent me, so I send you.. Receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20:19-24

On Sunday we celebrated the birthday of the Church, also known as Pentecost Sunday. It is the day where we remember how the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and filled them with courage to continue in Jesus’ mission to spread the Good News. In the Gospel, Jesus gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit, as he had promised. As such, the disciples are reenergized to continue the work of Christ, spreading the message of forgiveness and reconciliation to all. We celebrate the diversity of the Catholic Church, the openness to welcome all cultures and languages so that all may understand and know the Gospel message. Let us ask God to enrich our lives so that we may be the face of Christ to all those we meet.
Image taken from Liturgy Centre © Catholic Diocese of Auckland


Reports and Progress Hui

This week kaiako/teachers begin writing reports for all ākonga/students in Years 7 - 13. Reports will be emailed home to all whānau on Rāmere/Friday 16 Pipiri/June (if your email address has changed please let the office know) and there will be two opportunities to meet with your tamaiti/child's kaiako/teacher: Rāapa/Wednesday 21 Pipiri/June and Rāpare/Thursday 22 Pipiri/June from 2 pm - 6.30 pm. All progress hui/meetings will be held in the gym. Booking information will be emailed closer to the time. Please mark these two dates in your calendars now - we would love to see all whānau on one of these evenings!


Also being held on Rāapa/Wednesday 21 Pipiri/June from 5 - 6 pm in the Chapel is an NCEA me te Whānau Workshop. This workshop is being run by external facilitators and will cover the following:
  • How NCEA works
  • NCEA endorsements and how to get them
  • University Entrance (UE) and how to achieve it
  • Choosing NCEA subjects and creating career pathways
  • The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects, and,
  • How you can support your tamaiti to succeed
Add this date to your calendar, too, and keep an eye on your email for an invite!

Year 9 & 10 Check Week Assessments

This week all Year 9&10 ākonga/students will complete digital assessments in their classes, in order to help prepare them for the NCEA changes taking place from 2024. Here is the schedule for the week:

Update from the Pathways-Ara Office

We now have a new 'one-stop-shop' website to go to for all things Careers related. A link is on our main Marcellin site, please take a look: https://marcellin.careerwise.school/

If your son/daughter has a particular pathway that you would like some more information on please email me at turnbulla@marcellin.school.nz

Celebrating Ākonga Success

Marist Pillar Badges

Congratulations to the following ākonga/students for demonstrating the Marist Pillar aroaro/presence.

Cassie Chen
Christopher Pese
Alyssha Jones
Bella-Rosa Lealiifano
Nancy Fakahua
Joshua Araneta
Clarisse Osorio
Stephanie Baynosa
Victoria Koenig
Jayden Pandah
Gracedarling Lino
David Losalu
Leandra Natoealofa
Siosaia Poulivaati
Ayerin Oh
Earl Booc
Leo Bendall
Filia Uipi
Kilieni Kautai
Zachary Alcober-Feetham
Roman Lemoe-Hohepa
Noah Pandagani

Faculty Certificates

Congratulations to the following ākonga who have been recognised for their efforts in their classes and demonstrating the Marist Pillars:

Year 7
  • Nathan Corpuz - for consistently being on task and giving his best to all assigned work.
  • Shilla Oh - for giving her best to all assigned work.
Year 8
  • Christian Rodriguez Alarcon - Consistently demonstrating love of work
Year 9
  • Dohnelle De Guzman - Completing work with great thought & detail.
  • Kierstin Idago - For consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te mahi / Love of work
  • Ayva Collins - Completing work with great thought and detail.
Year 10
  • Merynel Booc - Great improvement in self-editing skills.
  • Michael Hayes - Consistently demonstrating Aroaro and completing all tasks.
Year 11
  • Lesina Kautai - For showing unwavering determination to complete all tasks with diligence.
  • Desiree Leota - For demonstrating Aroha Ke Te Mahi and Ki Te Huarahi o Maria
Year 12
  • Jessie Matagia - For consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te mahi / Love of work
Year 13
  • Tetrina Tuiletufuga - Consistently demonstrating Wairua o te Whānau / Family Spirit.
  • Sabella Solivio - For consistently demonstrating Aroha Ke Ti Mahi
Health and Physical Education
Year 7
  • Joshua Collins - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
  • Taupeavai Ma’asi - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
Year 8
  • Jezika Drauniniu - Making a solid effort to be competitive during PE
Year 9
  • Kyle Bendall - Displaying love of work and presence in Health and PE
  • Katalina Lemeki - Displaying love of work and presence in Health and PE
  • Reniel Delicia - Making a solid effort to be competitive during PE
  • Alvin Mathew - Making a solid effort to be competitive during PE
  • Maidyn Afato - For consistently being prepared for PE and making sure everyone is included during class activities.
  • Isabella Sulu-Kiripati - For consistently being prepared and giving their best effort in PE and Health
  • Jian Bernardo - For consistently being prepared and giving their best effort in PE and Health
  • Keith Blake - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
  • Abigail Perillo - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
Year 10
  • Alex Siale - Displaying love of work and presence in Health and PE
  • Losiella Tupou - Displaying love of work and presence in Health and PE
  • Kasmira Stowers - Displaying love of work and presence in Health and PE
  • Michael Hayes - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
  • Gwyneth Tuakore - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
  • Rikihana Walker - Displaying Simplicity and Love of Work in Health and PE
Year 11
  • Raffiel Santiago - Consistently demonstrating the Marist Pillars and completing all tasks on time.
  • Seini Kaihau - Consistently demonstrating the Marist Pillars and completing all tasks on time.
Year 12
  • Vaughn Cawis - Always helpful and positive.
  • Angelie Perillo - Achieving Personal Excellence in 12HEA
Year 13
  • Jazmin Ugapo - Consistently demonstrating the Marist Pillars and completing all tasks on time.
  • David Losalu - Consistently demonstrating the Marist Pillars and completing all tasks on time.
  • Atelea Filo - Consistently demonstrating the Marist Pillars and completing all tasks on time.
  • Krystal Samasoni - Consistently demonstrating the Marist Pillars and completing all tasks on time.
  • Faustina Viliamu - working hard to stay up to date with assessment work
  • Elijah Malaitai- working hard to stay up to date with assessment work


Aladdin Junior Production

For the first time in almost a decade, we were thrilled to be able to highlight the many talents of our Marcellin ākonga as they took to the stage to perform in our school musical 'Aladdin Junior'. For many of our students this was their first time performing in a theatre production and for our experienced actors this was their first time performing in a musical. All of this only serves to make their accomplishments even more impressive as they worked together to perform three fantastic shows out at the Māngere Arts Centre.

I was lucky to be gifted the role of Director for this journey. Although at times it was a tiring road to travel it was also a rewarding one, the absolute highlight for me being working with our ākonga and watching them shine both on and off the stage. They were joyful, brave, supportive, enthusiastic, generous, and hilarious, making refinements and improvements to their performances right up to the very end so that they always knew that they were giving their best. I was in awe of how, once again, all of our ākonga represented themselves and our kura/school with grace and aroha. Our seniors stepped naturally into their roles as leaders, giving a glimpse at the great things we can look forward to them accomplishing in the future.

Our success didn't happen in isolation but with the support of many. I would like to thank all of the ākonga/students for their dedication and bravery, our kaiako/teachers for their support and guidance as well as the gift of their own time, our whānau for their support during rehearsals, and to everyone who came along to show their support as audience members and helped us to sell out two of our three shows which is an amazing accomplishment. The success of one is the success of all and hopefully this is just one of many for Marcellin College.

Ngā mihi nui, many thanks to you all.

Joanna Craig
Kaiako Kaimahi Whakaari / Teacher in Charge of Drama
Kaiarataki Tuarua Ingarihi / Assistant Head of Faculty for English

Year 9 Camp

Our Year 9 camp was filled with energy, fun and a ‘can do’ attitude. It was amazing to see how they worked together, encouraging each other and giving it their best. There were many activities for the students from high beam, rock climbing, orienteering, search and rescue, chariot building and archery. A big shout out to the teachers who came out to the camp and helped to give our students a great experience of the outdoors.

Dox Shield - Manager's Match Report

On a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon a historic Marcellin tradition returned to the number 1 rugby field. The Dox Shield, last played in 2019 is a hotly contested rugby league match fought between the best in Year 12 and the best in Year 13. The Year 12 boys were highly rated going into the match, and the first opening few minutes proved the pundits right with a sustained build up in possession and some nice plays. Sadly these plays were not executed and they could not get across the line allowing the Year 13’s to build pressure through their own sustained possession. It wasn’t long until the possession eventually lead to a couple of nice breaks by Emanuel Tereva and Atelea Filo and then the first try was scored by David Filo. What followed was more of the same with the superior ball control and on field leadership by Atelea. This lead to more points after a couple more complete sets of 6 resulting in more tries to Jayden Iona and Tomasi Taufa confirming the Year 13 dominance in the first third. In the second third the Year 12’s finally got some reward for some complete sets and inspirational leader Fa'e Takai and Matthew Lakalaka crossed the line to close the gap on the scoreboard but their efforts were soon outdone by the impressive Jayden Iona who crossed the line twice in the last third to flatter the scoreboard. Special mention needs to go to Victor Ah Yuk and Inoke Malupo from the Year 13 team that worked tirelessly all day to set up the platform for the likes of Atelea and Jayden to flourish. On the Year 12 side, there were a number of impressive performances that weren’t rewarded on the scoreboard, especially from Vincent Purcell and Lolo Filoa who toiled all day and stood out with their work rate and effort. Next Game is the last pre-season match against an inform Papatoetoe High school at 4pm on the 31st of May and Coach, Mr. David Osofua, fully expects the crowd to return as momentum builds towards the season starting on the 7th of June.

By Michael Barlow - First XIII Manager

Training and Game times

All training's and game times could be found on Marcellin College Sports Instagram so if you haven't already then jump online and give us a follow to stay up to date with everything sports.

Marcellin College Sports, Searching for Team Managers & Coaches

Would you like to join the Marcellin College Sports Whānau? We are currently searching for whānau members to join our teams as managers and coaches. If you would be keen to volunteer and help out a team please get in touch with the Director of Sports on goundard@marcellin.school.nz


Absence and Lateness

If your child is late to school or absent please contact the school via ssc@marcellin.school.nz or the school website and app. Alternatively phone the office and select the absence option.

For sickness absences longer than 3 days please provide a medical certificate as required by the Ministry of Education.

Parent Portal

An email has been sent to whānau and ākonga with the username and password details for accessing the parent portal via the link below.

Social Media Links

Download the Marcellin College School App

KAMAR parent portal

Pastoral and Hauora

Pastoral Care and Whānau evenings

Avea ia lenei avanoa matagofie e fa’atalofa ma fa’afeiloa’i atu i le paia ma le mamalu o tatou mātua, i ona tulaga fa’alupea. Mālō le soifua manuia ma le lagi e mamā mo le vaiaso fa’apitoa mo le gagana Samoa.

Kia ora and greetings to our Marcellin whānau. Happy Samoan language week.

Now that we have reached the halfway mark of Term 2, it is important that we share a few reminders for our whānau and ākonga. I have always believed that the recipe for success at Marcellin College is simple, and that is for our ākonga to “Be at school everyday, on time, with the correct uniform and the correct equipment, ready to learn”. Please continue to remind our ākonga of these expectations.

I am also a firm believer that the best advertisement for Marcellin College is our ākonga - How they are dressed, their behaviour and language and how they present themselves at school and in public is a reflection of our college, our community and our values.

There is a famous Samoan proverb that goes “E iloa le tama ma le teine Samoa i ona tu, amio ma ona aga” which means “you can tell the character of a Samoan person in how they carry themselves, how they act and how they speak”. I think this proverb is the one of the underlying themes for our expectations around uniform and behaviour. I believe you can tell the character of Marcellin College ākonga, by their behaviour, their language and how they carry themselves both inside and outside of school, in their ‘tu’ amio and aga’.

We want our ākonga to represent themselves in the best way possible at all times and understand that wearing their uniform correctly and with pride, speaks volumes about who they are as ākonga of Marcellin College.

As you would have read in our Pānaui Kaiārahi that was sent out in Week 4, we have Whānau evenings for each of our cohorts coming up in Term 2, Week 8. This is a great chance for our whānau to meet with our kaiako, our leadership team, their year level kaiārahi and some guest presenters. We want to ensure that our whānau feel involved in all aspects of the college so it would be great to hear our whānau voice about Marcellin College. We will send out more information in the coming weeks. We hope to see you all there.

Fa’afetai lava for your support in ensuring the success of our ākonga.

Soifua ma ia manuia.

The Marcellin Way - Code of Conduct

Marcellin College ākonga are expected to always act in a manner which acknowledges and upholds the mana and tapu of themselves, God, others, their property and their environment.

Marcellin College ākonga will always strive to uphold our Marist Pillars of Wairua o te whānau (Family Spirit), Ngawari (Simplicity), Ki te huarahi o Maria (In the way of Mary), Aroaro (Presence) and Aroha ki te mahi (Love of work) in all they say and do. Their behaviour needs to bring mana to themselves, their whānau and to Marcellin College.

This code of conduct applies to daily life at the college, school trips, school events and especially in public and online.

Your rights as ākonga at Marcellin College:

You have the right to:
  • Learn and be taught without disruption and interruption.
  • Learn and be taught in a safe environment.
  • Be treated with respect and Te mana o te Tangata (human dignity) which everyone possesses as a creation of God.
  • Have pride in yourself, your culture and your school.
  • Receive regular feedback from your kaiako regarding your academic progress.
Your responsibility as ākonga at Marcellin College:

You have the responsibility to:
  • Uphold and live the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Uphold and acknowledge the mana and tapu of each individual.
  • Allow others to learn.
  • Keep our school a safe, tidy, clean and healthy place.
  • Treat others with respect and mana both in person and online.
  • Act in ways that demonstrate you are proud to belong to Marcellin College.
  • Wear our college uniform correctly and with pride. Remember that your behaviour and conduct whilst wearing our school uniform reflects on our whole school and wider school community.
  • Keep Marcellin College an alcohol free, smokefree and vape free school. Alcohol, illegal substances, cigarettes, vapes and e-Cigarettes are not permitted at school or at any school event or activity off site.
  • Be at school every day and on time. The school day begins at 8:40am.
  • Keep Marcellin College gum free. Chewing gum is not permitted at school.
  • To use mobile phones and devices in a responsible and respectful manner.

Netsafe - Useful links

Here are a few useful links from Netsafe, which is an online safety organisation, to start the talanoa/ discussion with our ākonga about keeping safe online and what our whānau can do to report safety issues and concerns:

“Engaging young people in online safety discussions” https://netsafe.org.nz/engaging-young-people-in-online-safety-discussions/

“Online Bullying”

“Online safety Parent Toolkit”

“Social Media vs. Reality”

“Online bullying support”

Measles Information

You may have noticed lots in the media about measles recently. Measles is a very infectious disease that also can take a long time to show symptoms and so it can spread very quickly. Symptoms include fever, cold-like symptoms, sore red eyes and a blotchy rash that lasts for up to a week. Measles can lead to other problems and severe illnesses, especially in young children.

The best protection against measles is immunisation. Two doses of the MMR vaccine is 99% effective. Anyone born before 1969 should be immune and doesn't need further immunisation. Anyone born after 1969 should check if they have documentation of 2 MMR vaccines. If not, get a free MMR vaccine from your GP. Anyone who has contact with someone with measles and doesn't have evidence of vaccination or immunity will have to isolate for 14 days. If you have been vaccinated you don't have to isolate, as you will be immune.

For more information on measles and how to book for a vaccination:

School Policy - Reviews

Kia ora koutou whānau,

Please visit the link below to see the school policies and the current policy under review for this term are:
Education Outside The Classroom (board)
  1. EOTC Planning and Review
  2. EOTC Risk Management
  3. EOTC Coordinator
  4. EOTC External Providers
  5. EOTC Staff Competence
  6. EOTC Event Categories
  7. EOTC Communicating with Parents
All reviewers
  1. Visit the website https://marcellin.schooldocs.co.nz/1893.htm
  2. Enter the username (marcellin) and password (seekthebest).
  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
  4. Read the policy.
  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select the reviewer type.
  7. Enter your name (optional).
  8. Submit your ratings and comments.
If you don't have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy and a review form.

Please email office@marcellin.school.nz if you would like to have a hard copy provided and posted to you.