Marcellin College Newsletter 2024
Issue No. 3
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Marcellin College Newsletter

Message from the Tumuaki/Principal -

Ms. Maria Prescott

We head into the fifth week of our Lenten journey, followed by Holy Week - the final week of Lent when we gather as a community of faith to remember and participate in the Passion of Jesus Christ. What have you done to renew your relationship with God and make Jesus Christ known and loved?

Our Years 7 and 13 ākonga demonstrated this during their retreats where they shared their faith journeys and strengthened their faith formations through reflections and sharing of their encounters with Christ. Retreats are an important and compulsory annual event for all year levels to guide and nurture the spiritual wellbeing of all ākonga as well as the weekly liturgies and Masses, outreach and service like the Vinnies group, and Whānau chapel.

This term we welcomed different groups of international ākonga, including 20 Japanese ākonga from Shinagawa Girls Junior High School who are on a two week tour to experience and learn more about our Aotearoa / New Zealand culture and traditions. Their tour will include trips to Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill as well as ESOL and classes with their Marcellin College buddies.

It was wonderful to meet whānau at the ‘Whānau nga kōrero o ngā Ako information evening’ and have our Prefects share their learning and faith journeys. If you were not able to make it or if you have further questions, please email your tamariki’s kaiārahi in the first instance. The slides can be found on the school website.

Progress reports are being completed for all ākonga and it is important for all whānau to discuss this with their tamariki and kaiako when you receive it next week. These progress reports provide key information about the strengths and areas of development in EACH course, which will help them refine their learning goals they have set during their Hauora lessons. Ask your tamariki to share their learning goals with you and talk through the steps they will take to achieve their goals.

Our Polyfest groups and dedicated kaimahi leaders / tutors have been very busy perfecting the performances for the competition next week. The dates for the performances are as follows:
  • Rāapa / Wednesday 20 Poutūterangi / March - Indian and Filipino groups
  • Rāmere / Friday 22 Poutūterangi/ March - Tongan group
  • Rāhoroi / Saturday 23 Poutūterangi / March - Samoan group
All ākonga who are NOT in the performances are expected to be at school next week. All ākonga performers who attend the Polyfest will be supervised by staff. Given the unrest in our community earlier this term and to be proactive, I urge all whānau to talk with their tamariki about being safe and making positive choices when out in public, especially if they are going to the Polyfest on Rāhoroi / Saturday.

There are important messages and reminders in this newsletter about our school’s expecations. I appreciate your continued support to ensure your tamariki/child(ren) ‘Seeks the Best’ and makes positive choices in all they do - both in and outside of school. Please read these carefully and discuss these with your tamariki. Contact your tamariki’s kaiako kaitiaki or kaiārahi if you have any questions.

As we continue to pause and reflect during this Lenten journey,

Me inoi tātou / Let us pray:

E te Wairua Tapu, Holy Spirit, stir up in us the desire to be bold and courageous to be more like Jesus; to follow his example and to be willing to make sacrifices and trust in God's plan so that His kingdom will be a reality on earth.


Prayer source: Caritas Lenten Reflection Programme 2024

Ngā mihi maioha Marcellin whānau,
Ms. Maria Prescott

Marcellin College Board

Marcellin College Board Casual Vacancy -

Parent Representative

Marcellin College School Board Casual vacancy for a parent representative.
A casual vacancy has occurred on the school board for an elected parent representative.
The board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection. If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

Request for a by-election should be sent to:

Presiding member (chair)
Marcellin College Board
PO BOX 24-126
Royal Oak Auckland, New Zealand 1345
by: Tuesday 19th March 2024

Special Character

Champagnat Marist Leaders Forum

Four of our prefects had a wonderful time away in Christchurch last weekend as part of the Champagnat Marist Student Leaders Forum, a programme that explores student leadership in Marist schools. The sessions helped deepen their understanding of the Marist spirit, and how they will exercise leadership in a Marist kura.

Year 7 Retreat Summary

"On Wednesday 6th of March the year 7s went on a retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to create bonds with each other and connect with God. We walked together to Saint Francis with our teachers. The day started with a prayer. After prayers we were divided into our whanau houses for the different activities. There were 4 different areas with 4 different activities. My favourite part of the day was doing drama with Mr Pillay, because I liked working together and brainstorming ideas of how we can be in God's image".
By: Darren Fomai (Year 7)

"The retreat was really interesting and really fun. The most fun about the retreat is when we all got to act out with Mr Pillay, when we made our mirrors with Miss Sutton and how we all got to play our favourite game on interval and lunch".
By: Faiupu Seau (Year 7)

"My time spent with our Year 7 ākonga was a heartfelt experience. I enjoyed seeing our Year 7 Marcellin students happy to be with each other, and spending an eventful time together, outside of school grounds. I enjoyed listening to their answers about "Why god made us in his image?". It was heartwarming to listen to the kids talk about their understanding of this topic, and hearing them say how unique they are in their own special ways. I enjoyed it myself and I'm sure they did too".
By: Susana Havili-Kaufusi (Year 13)

"My time with the Year 7's at their retreat was a heartwarming experience. It was a pleasure to be there and bond with them as they did activities related to being made in God's image. I loved seeing the kids be active throughout the activities and put their creativity to use. Just being in their presence made me feel young at heart again, reminding me that time really does go by fast'.
By: Lupe Halafau (Year 13)

Upcoming Events

  • 20 - 23 Poutūterangi / March - Secondary School Polyfest event
  • 21 Poutūterangi / March - John Parson ‘Online Safety’ workshops for ākonga and staff (school hours) and whānau (evening)
  • 21 Poutūterangi / March - John Parson 'Online Safety' workshops for ākonga and staff (school hours) and whānau (evening). IMPORTANT REMINDER: School finishes at 1.30pm on this day (21/03/24) for all ākonga.
  • 22 Poutūterangi / March - Progress Reports emailed to whānau
  • 29 Poutūterangi / March - Good Friday. School closed for instruction 29/03 to 2/04 (Easter Tuesday).
  • 12 Paengawhāwhā / April - Last day of term one. IMPORTANT REMINDER: School finishes at 1.30pm on this day (12/04/24) for all ākonga.

Celebrating Ākonga Success

Marcellin Spirit Certificates

At Marcellin College we use the name ‘Marcellin Spirit’ for Positive Behaviour for Learning. Marcellin Spirit teaches positive behaviour for learning by teaching expectations to all ākonga. We do this via specific Marcellin Spirit lessons, as well as by rewarding expected behaviours. We link our expected behaviours to the Marist Pillars. Our free and frequent reward system is whānau points, which ākonga can track using the MyMahi platform.

Marcellin Spirit certificates are awarded to the ākonga with the most Whānau points each week of the term. Congratulations to the following recipients for Weeks 5 and 6, Term One:

Week 5 Marcellin Spirit Certificates

Aihana Tamoaieta
Year 7
Anja Tuiletufuga
Year 8
Tevita Veamoi
Year 9
Filia Uipi
Year 10
Merynel Booc
Year 11
Margaret Finefeuiaki
Year 12
Charlene Stowers
Year 13
Week 6 Marcellin Spirit Certificates

Year 7
Wairua o te whānau
Olivia Mataturaga
Year 8
Wairua o te whānau
Frances Etanal
Year 9
Wairua o te whānau
Helaena Sabalburo
Year 10
Wairua o te whānau
Kasmira Stowers
Year 11
Wairua o te whānau
Krizette Ramos
Year 12
Wairua o te whānau
Nesinali Pomee
Year 13
Wairua o te whānau

Faculty Certificates

Week 6
  1. Creative Arts
  • Visual Art - Angelie Perillo - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work (Year 13)
  • Visual Art - Ethan Cadampog - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work(Year 12)
  • Drama - Amelia Stanley-Schuster - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work(Year 12)
  • Drama -Gwyneth Tuakore - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work (Year 11)
  • Dance - Tyler Isobell - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work (Year 10)
  • Dance - Daisy Puni - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work (Year 10)
  • Music - Joshua Emmerson - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work (Year 13)
  • Music - Cecilia Koenig - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work (Year 9)
2. English
  • Jessie Matagia (Year 13) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Roanne Martin (Year 12) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Agape Fineanganofo (Year10) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Charlotte Lowe (Year 8) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Merickal Blackmoore (Year 11) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Franchesca Pinto (Year 10) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Francis Williams (Year 10) - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
Week 7
  1. Āwhina Ako
  • Samuel Dunn - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Rocky Cornes - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Alex Webb - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Ruby Cowen - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Hadley Leith - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
2. Commerce
  • Lusia Mesake - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Sione Falemaka - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
  • Seini Kaihau - Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work

The New Zealand Ethnic Women's Trust Award (NZEWT)

Angelie Perillo was celebrated at the 2024 Academic Awards night held on Rāhina/Monday 4 Poutūterangi/March. The NZ Ethnic Women’s Trust (NZEWT), in partnership with the Ministry of Education recognized the top NCEA academic achievers from diverse ethnic backgrounds in Auckland’s secondary schools. Angelie gained NCEA Level Two with Excellence, with Merit endorsements in Health and Biology, and an Excellence endorsement in RE.

Ngā mihi nui / congratulations to Angelie! Whakawhetai/thank you to Mr Pillay who accompanied her to these awards on behalf of Marcellin College.

ARA Awards 2024

The recipient for the Irish Constitution ARA Masonic Lodge Art Award was Thea Santos. The award is $1,500 and is awarded to a top performing Year 13 Art student who has been accepted into a tertiary study in Art. Thea is attending an Art /Design Bachelor Degree at AUT.

The award night was on February 14th and it was attended by Thea, her parents and myself. The folio boards of ākonga from 23 schools were on display from the start of the evening. The main event occurred in the masonic chambers and involved musical performances, a speech from an ex recipient and the award itself. This was followed by supper, refreshments and another opportunity to browse the work of some of the top ākonga artwork in Auckland Secondary schools.

It was a proud moment for the Santos whānau and myself. Thea worked hard and applied mature critical thinking to her art process and outcomes and her work stood up well alongside the work on display.

Ako/Teaching & Learning

Progress Reports

Next Rāmere/Friday 22 Poutūterangi/March whānau of all Year 7 - 13 ākonga will receive a progress report via email. This report will give whānau a snapshot of where ākonga are at, academically, halfway through Term Tahi/One. Each kaiako/teacher will give a grade of either ‘Meeting Expectations’ or ‘Not Yet Meeting Expectations’ for both ‘Effort’ and ‘Progress’.

Pastoral & Hauora


IMPORTANT: Reminder of our Marcellin College Behavioural Expectations
As we head into the final weeks of Term One, all ākonga are expected to be in class and ready to learn at all times. It is wonderful to see all the different learning experiences happening in and out of the classroom.

Whānau / parents and caregivers, your partnership with the school is greatly appreciated to help support your tamariki /child to make positive choices.

Here are key reminders to ensure our school is a safe physical and emotional environment for our Marcellin whānau and the wider community:
  1. Marcellin College is a Smokefree school at all times - smoking, vaping including e-cigarettes on the school grounds is ILLEGAL and not permitted anywhere at Marcellin College and in public transport (buses, trains or ferries). For more details, refer to our school Smokefrere Policy.
  2. Bullying is harmful behaviour that is not acceptable at Marcellin College. This includes verbal, physical, social bullying and discrimination. For more details, refer to our school Bullying Policy and Harassment Policy.
Disciplinary procedures will be used for anyone who is caught breaching the expected behaviours, with whānau contacted to look at ways in which we can work together to provide the best pastoral support for your tamariki. In cases of extreme misconduct, continual disobedience and/or behaviour risking serious harm, the Stand-Down, Suspension or Exclusion procedures outlined by the Ministry of Education will be actioned. This is all explained in the school’s Behaviour Management Policy available to all Marcellin whānau at . If you have any questions, please contact the office .

Hauora Curriculum

This year we have modified our Rātū/Tuesday timetable to allow for an additional period before lunch. In this period, ākonga will be in their kaitiaki classes, undertaking lessons from our newly-formed Hauora Curriculum.

The Hauora Curriculum was created in response to feedback from both ākonga and whānau, in part based on voice collected from Strategic Goal planning for 2024 - 2025.

In Genesis 1:27 it says,” So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Therefore, each human being has inherent Te Mana o te Tangata / Human Dignity. The Hauora Curriculum’s goal is to teach our ākonga that “Life and physical health are precious gifts entrusted to us by God. We must take reasonable care of them, taking into account the needs of others and the common good (Catechism of the Catholic Church #2288)”. The Hauora Curriculum covers topics that are important for ākonga to both be aware of and to understand, and that sit outside of the curriculum. The Hauora Curriculum embodies our Special Character and the Te Whare Tapa Whā model, considering the totality of a human person. It has been designed to support ākonga in understanding how to live in the world so that they can ‘have life and live it to the full’ John 10:10.


This year we are starting the year with a focus on online safety, health and wellbeing. On Rāpare/Thursday 21 Poutūterangi/March, John Parsons from Citizen21 will be presenting to all ākonga, to all kaiako, as well as an optional evening presentation for whānau to attend. A reminder that school finishes early this day (1.30 pm):

Wā / Time
Ko Wai / Who
Hea / Where
10.05 - 11.05 am
Yr 7, 8 & 9
La Valla / Gym
11.30 am - 12.30 pm
Yr 10 & 11
La Valla / Gym
12.30 - 1.30 pm
Yr 12 & 13
La Valla / Gym
2.30 - 3.30 pm
Kaimahi / staff
Whare pukapuka / Library
6 - 7.30 pm
La Valla / Gym

If you will attend this presentation, please complete this Google Form by Rāapa/Wednesday 20 Poutūterangi/March.


Athletics Day

On 29th March we held our Athletics Day at Mt Smart Stadium. The event returned to Mt Smart Stadium after a hiatus of 5 years. The day itself was perfectly set with our ākonga representing their whānau’s in costumes under clear blues skies. Our ākonga participated in field and track events on offer to gain points for their respected whānau which decided the overall winner for athletics. The enthusiasm levels were really high throughout the day and was evident through a fun event which had the entire school participating including our teachers.

While having fun our ākonga also competed in true Marcellin Spirit which saw some of them qualify for Central Zone Championships. Thomas Tu’akalau was a dominant force on the field for senior boys while Albert Ng Chok and Grace Collins lit up the tracks with their blistering speed. Intermediate grade athlete Jorge Gascoigne recorded a high jump height of 1.57m which was higher than any other athletes on the day. Vanya Brown was another notable performer winning both 100m and 200m on the day for Junior Girls Grade.

The day ended with whānau chants back in school and after the tally of efforts from all events and chants Benedict was the overall winner for Marcellin College Athletics 2024. Benedict had a total of 635 points followed by McKillop in 2nd place with 425 points, Pompallier in 3rd place with 417 points and Aubert in 4th place with 364 points. Thank you to all ākonga and kaiārahi that participated and supported the smooth running of the event

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