March 2023 Edition
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Marcellin College Newsletter

Rāhina/Monday 27th Poutūterangi/March 2023

Message from the Principal -

Ms. Maria Prescott

Term One is coming to an end and I am very proud of all that we have accomplished as a Marcellin whānau. We still have a busy two weeks left of the term which includes the Blake Explorer Year 7 & 8 camp, Education Outside the Classroom field trips to Kelly Tarltons and Ambury Farm, Whānau liturgies, hosting international ākonga / students from Thailand, sports tournaments and Holy Week activities.

I am very grateful for the aroha / love and understanding, aroaro / presence, and manaaki / care demonstrated by our staff and ākonga who have adjusted to the huge disruptions of having 14 classrooms out of action this term due to the floods early in the year. These classrooms are now being repaired ready for Term Two.

Progress reports have been emailed to all whānau to provide a snapshot overview of their tamariki achievement and attitude towards learning to date. It is important that if you have any questions regarding these progress reports, contact the kaiārahi of your tamariki to arrange a time to kōrero or meet. We acknowledge that all whānau (parents / caregivers) are the first kaiako / teacher of their tamariki, and together, we can co-design a support plan to ensure their tamariki success, confidence and connectedness at our school.

This Rātapu / Sunday is the start of Holy Week and on Holy Rāpare / Thursday, we will take part in a school liturgy at the end of the day before ākonga go on holiday. The Church then moves into celebrating the holiest of holy days with the Easter Triduum lasting from Holy Rāpare / Thursday night until Easter Rātapu / Sunday.

As part of our Spiritual Formation, staff have the opportunity to share a whakaaro / reflection and/or karakia / prayer before every meeting. I leave you with a whakaaro and karakia for our Marcellin whānau as we look forward to Holy Week and the school holiday, from our Head of Year 7 & 8, Mrs Stateira D’Souza, as she shares her encounter with Christ:

“Last week the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation where the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to proclaim that she is to be the blessed Mother of God.

Was Mary shocked…scared? Absolutely! But when the angel said “Do not be afraid.” Mary’s fear turns to faith as she recognises that God will do great things through her. I believe that the story of the Annunciation is not just about an extraordinary announcement, but it is about embracing God’s will and saying Yes to God’s plan.

Reflecting on Mary’s selfless Yes I must say made me feel a bit uneasy because it challenged me to evaluate my true understanding and use of this simple word.

I know that I have said yes to many things and I am sure so have you, but the question I asked myself was, everytime I say yes is it truly the Mary Yes? Total and selfless. Or does it actually mean hmm okay, it's alright. Or is it just simply to save the confrontation, yes?

So today as we continue our Lenten journey, let us ask our dear Mother to give us the courage to answer God’s call to love and serve others with a sincere YES - your entire self Yes.

Let us pray for ourselves, our Marcellin whānau, and our wider community ,

Good and gracious God,
just as the angel Gabriel reminded Mary she was God’s highly favoured one,
may we always see ourselves and one another as highly favoured.
Chosen and blessed to bring the good news of God’s love to birth in our school,
our country and the world.”

Korōria ki ā koe, e te Ariki Glory to you O Lord.

Resource reference

Ngā mihi maioha
Ms. Maria Prescott

Upcoming Key Dates

PPTA Kaiako/Teachers’ Strike

The PPTA has advised the Marcellin College Board that its member kaiako at our school will be taking strike action on 29 Poutūterangi / March 2023.

Our Board has carefully considered the availability of non-union teaching staff, and decided that we can provide supervision (onsite at our school during school hours) during the strike to support ākonga under the age of 14 years old if making alternative arrangements for care is difficult. Please note, we will have a small number of staff onsite to supervise during the school day. Complete the following Google Form to register your child/tamariki by Rātu/Tuesday 28 Poutūterangi ( ).

Thank you for your aroha, support and understanding.

'Important Reminder: Staff Only Day' - Rāhina/Monday 24 Pāengawhāwhā/April (First day of Term Two)

24 Pāengawhāwhā/April is the first of the Staff Only Days this year where kaiako/teachers will be planning for the implementation of the refresh of the New Zealand Curriculum as well as the new NCEA Level 1 and Literacy/Numeracy learning programme in 2024.

More details will be shared with all whānau during the 'Whānau Evenings' held next term in our school gym. It is important that all whānau attend to learn more about how we can collaborate together to support our tamariki to 'Seek the Best'.

Staff Farewells

At this time we sadly say goodbye to Marcellin whānau who will be leaving us at the end of the term and we wish them every blessing in their new journey of life.

Dr. Joanie Roberson

Joanie Roberson has a very special place in her heart for Marcellin College and its staff, ākonga and whānau. The length of time she has spent in the College (2006 - 2023) is a testament to her aroha for the Marcellin community. It is with sadness that she leaves Marcellin to take up a position as a member of the Senior Leadership Team at John Paul II High School in Greymouth. Her Marist work will continue as this is another Champagnat Marist College which is a blessing as she will continue to be part of the wider Champagnat Marist whānau, remaining connected to us here through this wider network of our schools.

Ms. Fia Clark

Ms. Fia Clark has been a valuable support to our Marcellin learning community through her work with the Ara / Pathways and Gateway programme. She will now be working in Air New Zealand and we wish her all the very best.

Br. Tim Leen

Br. Tim Leen has shared his passion and expertise as a Marist Proprietor appointee on our Marcellin College Board, and we wish him all the very best as he continues the St Marcellin Champagnat’s vision and mission in Kiribati.

Br. Damien Shutt

Br Damien leaves Marcellin College on Tuesday 28 March to go to Fiji where he will be a member of the team leading the Marist Brothers’ environmental efforts. Br Damien claims he never taught at Marcellin College and, while he was never actually on the teaching staff, he constantly taught all of us so many important lessons through his words and actions, through his aroaro, presence.

Br Damien lived in the Marist Brothers’ community on the school site in 1998, from 2014-2017, when he was stationed here to work with Br John Paul Wilson as part of the Remar team and he has been with us again from 2020-2023, also working consistently to support the Remar groups. However, Br Damien has also been in community at Marcellin College often as it was always his preferred stopover when he was back from his work in the Pacific Islands.

Br Damien’s lived faith and genuine love for God and others has made him the perfect example to all members of the Marcellin Community. He has shown us what it means to be Marist, to be faithful to God as Mary was, to be prayerful and to support others to encounter Christ, to be joyous, aware that life itself and all it contains is a gift from a gracious God whose love for us is immense, to be good stewards of creation, caring for mother earth, to be good stewards of others’ hearts, stories and journeys: listening, caring, supporting and gently leading hearts and minds to God.

Marcellin College has been blessed to have such a genuine Marist in our midst who has so effectively embodied the pillars, especially In the way of Mary and Presence. Just some of the ways that Br Damien has done this are through:
  • Remar
  • Religious Education lessons
  • Staff retreats
  • Year level retreats
  • Prefect camps
  • Champagnat in the Pacific
  • Painting and other work around the grounds
  • The Gardening Club
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Interactions with staff, ākonga and whānau
  • Chalkboard messages to brighten our days
  • Presence in the car park to chat with whānau and ākonga before they leave for the day
  • Attending the ball
  • Presence at and sometimes involvement in assemblies, masses, prizegiving, shows, Polyfest…the list goes on
  • He even managed to work out how to use zoom so he could continue to be present to us during lockdowns!
Br Damien has given tirelessly of his time, presence and aroha and we have all benefited by his presence in our lives and our College. He will be greatly missed but, as he has always said himself, Marcellin is his preferred stopover whenever he is back from the Islands. We pray that this is only farewell until we meet again upon his return to the shores of our islands of Aotearoa. May God bless you, may Mary protect you and may Jesus remain in your heart always, dear brother in Christ and may our aroha journey with you to fill quiet moments with happy memories.

Staff Profiles

Tumuaki Tuatoru/Assistant Principal - Mr. Fonmanu Nakaora

Noaia ‘e mauri, Kia ora and Greetings to our Marcellin College family,

I am humbled and honoured to join the Leadership team here at Marcellin College as Tumuaki Tuatoru - Assistant Principal. I am of Rotuman descent and since migrating from Fiji in 2008, I have taught at various Auckland schools with different positions of leadership. As a former student of the Marist education system, I see myself in our students and have been blessed to work here for the past few years.

Blessed Saint Marcellin Champagnat once said, and I quote, “Let there be among you just One Heart and One Mind.” Hence, throughout my service, I will endeavour to do all the good that I can, to all the people that I can, in all the ways that I can, in all the places that I can, for as long as I can, to reflect this.

Faiakse’ea ma Gagaja la alalum’ak ‘is ‘atakoa
(Thank you and God bless us all)

Ara/Pathways Advisor - Miss. Adele Turnbull

Hi, I'm Adele and I've recently joined the Marcellin whanau as the Pathways-Ara Advisor and am located inside the library.

I have a varied employment background from Human Resources to Manufacturing and Sales Support roles to working in the Travel Industry and more recently in Careers at another Auckland Secondary School where I found my passion working with young people to help guide them in all things Careers related.

I also have a 9 year old boy named Niko. He loves playing all sorts of sport, especially football so you'll often find me on the side of a court, pool or field during the weekends.

Please come and see me for any Careers and Gateway related information. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all.

Head Girl - Tetrina Tuiletufuga

My name is Tetrina Tuiletufuga and I am a New Zealand-born Samoan. I hail from the villages of Apia, Tanugamanono, Vailima, and Vailoa Faleata.

As a Head Prefect my goals and aspirations would be to lead by example alongside my fellow Prefects and be of service to our school. To embrace and respect our diversity and take pride in our different cultures because that is what makes us a whānau and a school.

I hope that our Marcellin whānau live by our Marist pillars and seek the best in all that we do. Be proud of who you are and carry our school name with pride.

Special Character

Holy Week

April 2nd is Palm Sunday and marks our entry into Holy Week. It is a time to remember how we are spiritually transformed through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. We are called to be followers of Jesus. We hold our palms up high, renewing and restoring our relationship with God and with each other. On Holy Thursday, Scripture tells us of the selfless love that we are called to practice in imitation of Jesus when he washed his disciples’ feet. As we come forward to venerate the cross on Good Friday, we profess our belief that Jesus can overcome anything, even death. Pope Francis reminds us that by “cultivating fraternal love towards everyone, we are united to Christ, who gave his life for our sake (cf. 2 Cor 5:14-15), and we are granted a foretaste of the joy of the kingdom of heaven, when God will be “all in all” (1 Cor 15:28).” Our Lenten theme is “I am the Light of the World”, it is a timely reminder that we are called to be God’s light in our world. To bring hope and peace to all those around us, so that all those who encounter us will encounter the love and face of Christ Jesus. As we journey into the season of celebration, seeing God’s glory through Jesus’ resurrection, may we always carry God’s love in our hearts and minds.

Sacramental Programme 2023

Our Thursday Lunchtime Masses have resumed. All ākonga are welcome to join us in the Chapel for the Mass especially as we journey through the Lenten Season. The Lunchtime Masses are organized by the Religious Education classes.

All ākonga are invited to pray at the Stations of the Cross every Friday in the Chapel at morning tea. The Stations of the Cross reflects on the different events in Jesus’ life that led up to his suffering and death.

Whānau Liturgies take place this week on Tuesday-Friday. All whānaus meet in the Chapel on their designated days to pray together and reflect on the Sunday Gospel in Lent.

For all whānau who wish to enroll their student in our Sacramental Programme 2023. Please register your students name at the school office via email or in person. Our Programme will start in Term 2 and the Sacramental Mass will take place on the 12th of September 2023.

Pray Mass

Celebrating Ākonga Success

Congratulations to the following ākonga who have been recognised for their efforts in their classes and demonstrating the Marist Pillars:

Year 7
-Ruby Cowen - For giving her best to all assigned work.
-Sarah Nicholls - For consistently being on task and giving her best to all assigned work.
-Luca Nacewa - For settling into class routines well and always willingly to share his ideas with the class.
-Koloa Fine - For being focused and completing all assigned tasks.

Year 8
-Rishav Bansal - For consistently seeking the best in English.
-Mary Lowe - For consistently seeking the best in English.

Year 9
-Izzieh Seumanu - Consistently demonstrates Aroha ki te Mahi and seeks the best at all times
-Aylen Pua-Valenzuela - Consistently engages in class discussions and gives her best effort
-Elija Sanonu - Consistently seeks the best in English and demonstrates Wairua o te Whānau

Year 10
-Rikihana Walker - For settling into class routines well and always willingly to share his ideas with the class
-Merickal Blackmoore - For giving her best to all assigned work.
-Daisy Tupoufutuna - For completing work to the best of her ability and showing Wairua o te Whānau.
-Talen Delany - Consistently shows Aroaro and Ki te Huarahi o Maria through focused work and volunteering to read.
-Sarai Talo - Consistently demonstrates Aroha ki te Mahi

Year 11
-Nancy Fakahua - Consistently demonstrates Aroha ki te Mahi and seeks the best at all times
-Tomasi Taufa - Outstanding effort and resilience in English
-Rico Williams-Sala - Consistently demonstrates love of work in English
-Zaralina Kaleti - Consistently demonstrates love of work in English

Year 12
-Harry Des Forges - Demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work through dedication and constantly striving to improve.
-Hayley Cunningham - Demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work through producing a phenomenal piece of creative writing.

Year 13
-Benjamin Garcia-Azcue - Demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work through dedication and constantly striving to improve.
-Leane Diezmo - Consistently demonstrates Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work in English.

Health and PE
Year 9PE/OE - Aylen Pua Valenzuela- Outstanding leadership in year 9 Outdoor ED and PE
Year 12 Health - Susana Havili Kaufusi- Consistently demonstrating Aroaro
Year 12 SPS - Marshall Rekareka- consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
Year 13Health - Alex Vea- consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/ Love of Work

- Ayvah Natoealofa for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of work in Year 7 Te Reo Māori
- Vaohea Kaihau for consistently demonstrating Aroaro/Presence in Year 8 Te Reo Māori
-Elija Sanonu for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/ Love of Work in Year 9 Te Reo Māori
-Nathan Tamangaro - for consistently demonstrating Aroaro/Presence in Year 9 Te Reo Māori
- Taylar Mege-Lapalapa - For initiative and effort in Year 9 Pacific Language Studies and demonstrating Aroha Ki Te Mahi/Love of Work
-Elliott Thompson-Tindling - For leadership and diligence in Year 9 Pacific Language Studies and showing Aroha Ki Te Mahi / Love of Work
-Semu Asotau Fa'alavaau - Consistently showing Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work in Year 10 Gagana Samoa
-Jonleo Fuga - For settling in well and showing a positive attitude towards his learning in Year 10 Gagana Samoa

- Shilla Oh - for an impressive work ethic and a willingness to learn
-Sophie Kautai - Wairua o te whānau/Family Spirit for always offering to answer questions and to help those around her
-Antonio Pantitanont - Aroha ki te mahi/Love of Work for always pushing himself to complete every task
-Joseph Gray for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te mahi/Love of Work
-Ayla Tuiletufuga or working in a focused manner to complete all set tasks.
- Alvin Mathew for Aroha ki te Mahi/ Love of Work
- Brooklyn Falekaono - for demonstrating the pillar for Aroaro/Presence
- Reniel Delica for working in a focused manner to complete all set tasks
-Losiella Tupou for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of work
-Giselle Fraei for showing a positive attitude towards her learning in math
-Merynel Booc for showing a positive attitude towards her learning in math.
-Hope Ofakineiafu for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of work
-Daisy Tupoufutuna for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of work
-Mandrix Palaone for showing a positive attitude towards her learning in math
-Loleni Otufangavalu for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
- John Almote for having positive effort and commitment to his learning
- Deveron Bartley for having positive effort and commitment to his learning
-Talaiasi Koloa - having positive attitude towards his learning of Maths
- Joshua Araneta for Aroha ki te Mahi/Love for Work
- Sylvia Tuala for hard work and being committed to her learning
Year 13
13 MAC - Noah Pandagani for showing a positive attitude towards his learning in math
13 MAS - Meliame Fifita for consistently demonstrating Aroha ki te Mahi/Love of Work
13 MAT - Jacob Green for showing a positive attitude towards his learning in math.

Pasifika Navigators Book Launch

All praise and honor is given to our Heavenly Father for his love, protection, and strength. Without him, I would never have been given the opportunities that have received today. I recently had a poem published in Pasifika Navigators, the world's first collection of student poets. 52 poems total, all written and created by students from across Aotearoa, make up this book project. I had a fortunate opportunity to have my poem "Dear Little Brown Kid," which was inspired by my own real-life experiences of receiving an education away from my motherland, published.

If it weren't for the community that never stopped supporting me, I would never have been given such a blessing. This is a truly surreal dream. Mrs. Prescott, my family and friends, and Mr. Bourke, of course. I want to express my gratitude to you all for your unwavering support and selfless efforts in helping me get to this point.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Bourke for all he did in helping me write and craft this spoken word piece. Thank you for recognizing and encouraging me to use the God-given talent of storytelling to tell my own story and for pushing me far beyond my comfort zone when I really needed it. Without his drive and ambition to make our voices heard, I would never have been known outside of the school community for my words.

It means a lot to me to have this poem published officially because it was originally written for the Marcellin students and future students. I wanted them to understand that even though they seem to be under constant attack from the system, they will always be more than just another "Brown Kid." I never would have thought it would be sold all over the country, but the Lord's plan will always prevail. I can only hope that I have sent an example for our young students that if I can make it this far, they can too.

'Oku lelei 'a Sihova, ma'u ai pe.
'Otua 'ofa atu.

Eniselini Ali Fusitua

Special Olympics

Yr 12 ākonga Zane Gordon competed in the Special Olympics swimming competition at Silverdale on Sunday. He won first in 25m Freestyle, 25m backstroke and second in 50m freestyle, 4x25m medley.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award - Vincent Oudenhoven

At assembly on Monday 20th March, Vincent Oudenhoven was presented with his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Every award journey is unique, and for his award, Vincent challenged himself in his chosen service, skill and physical recreation. Vincent completed his service at the Mercy Hospice Op Shop, his skill was learning how to serve during Masses at his local parish, and his physical activity was gymnastics. His coach mentioned that Vincent is “strong, focused and listens to feedback. His excellent progress is proof of his hard work.” Vincent developed his outdoor skills including cooking with a camp stove, navigation and gear. On behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh club at Marcellin, Mr. Haslam was thrilled to present Vincent with his badge and certificate. Vincent, we wish you all the best as you embark on your Silver award!

NZ Junior Tag Oceania Indigenous Tournament 2023

It was great to see our ākonga representing their Oceania Indigenous nation with pride at Bruce Pulman Park last week! At Marcellin College, we are blessed to have a rich diversity. Our Oceania Indigenous ākonga include 9.5% Māori and 64.2% Pasifika which includes Cook Island Māori (3.2%), Fijian (2.1%), Fijian Indian (0.9%), Kiribati (0.2%), Niuean (1.2%), Samoan (27.5%), Tokelauan (0.2%) and Tongan (29.8%). Ka mau te wehi!


As we approach the end of the first term, senior ākonga will be submitting mahi/work towards NCEA internal assessment. If an extension is needed, please remind your taitamaiti/child that the guidelines for requesting an extension are found in the NCEA Ākonga Guidelines emailed to them in Huitanguru/February. The extension form itself is also in this document. These guidelines can also be found on our school website under Menu / Our College / Our Curriculum / NZQA. Ākonga in Year 7 - 10 will also be completing mahi/work towards assessment in their subjects. Year 7, 8, and 9 ākonga are over halfway through their first taster subjects - these will change in Term Two, Week Two.

World Down Syndrome Day

On Tuesday 21st March we celebrated World Down Syndrome day. This years theme is "With us, not for us". At Marcellin College we are blessed to have seven ākonga attend our Kura.


Co-curricular sign-ups are now due. Ākonga can view the co-curricular programme and then make their selection via the Google Form using their school Google account. The majority of these opportunities will begin in Term 2.

Te Ahi Ora Fire Performance

Did you attend one of the Te Ahi Ora fire performance workshops in March? Fill out a 2min survey and go in the draw to win $150

Interested in forming a school club? Send an email of interest to

Auckland Volleyball Championships

Congratulations to our senior girls volleyball team for finishing 10th overall in division 2 of Auckland Championships. This was the first time in many years our girls team took part in the championships after finishing 3rd in their weekly season. They won 3 out of the 7 games. They played over the three days beating Pinehurst, Diocesan and Rutherford College along the way. The team coach and parent Reymar Valenzuela was extremely proud of coaching the talented young women of Marcellin College and believes our girls are driven to be back stronger next year.

Auckland Central Zone Athletics Competition

On 21st March, 5 of our ākonga participated in the Central Zones Athletics Competition. Alisha Lavea, one of our Year 12 ākonga did really well with her shot put throws and finished 2nd in the competition. She will now represent Marcellin College at the Auckland Athletics Championship on 5th April.

Other results:

David Losalu
Senior Boys 100m - 22nd Place
Senior Boys 200m - 16th Place

Grace Collins
Senior Girls 100m - 9th Place
Senior Girls 200m - 6th Place
Long Jump - 6th Place

Rikihana Walker
Intermediate Boys 100m - 22nd Place
Intermediate Boys 200m - 27th Place

Aylen Pua-Valenzuela
Junior Girls 100m - 26th Place
Junior Girls 200m - 20th Place
Long Jump - 22nd Place

Training and Game times

All training's and game times could be found on Marcellin College Sports Instagram so if you haven't already then jump online and give us a follow to stay up to date with everything sports.

Marcellin College Sports, Searching for Team Managers & Coaches

Would you like to join the Marcellin College Sports Whānau? We are currently searching for whānau members to join our teams as managers and coaches. If you would be keen to volunteer and help out a team please get in touch with the Director of Sports on

Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2023

Aotearoa Youth Declaration is an opportunity for young people to have their voice heard at the national level on important issues in their communities and in our country. The Aotearoa Youth Declaration process is attended by hundreds, and this year, will be run on Thursday 13th April - Sunday 16th April, at the University of Auckland. More information on the event and how to register can be found at and on our Instagram: @unyouthnz. Financial assistance is available and those details can be found on the website and registration form. Registrations close on 16 March.


Parent Portal

An email has been sent to whānau and ākonga with the username and password details for accessing the parent portal via the link below.

Social Media Links

Download the Marcellin College School App

KAMAR parent portal


IMPORTANT: Reminder of our Marcellin College Behavioural Expectations

As we head into the final weeks of Term One, all ākonga are expected to be in class and ready to learn at all times. It is wonderful to see all the different learning experiences happening in and out of the classroom.

Whānau / parents and caregivers, your partnership with the school is greatly appreciated to help support your tamariki /child to make positive choices.

Here are key reminders to ensure our school is a safe physical and emotional environment for our Marcellin whānau and the wider community:
  1. Marcellin College is a Smokefree school at all times - smoking, vaping including e-cigarettes on the school grounds is ILLEGAL and not permitted anywhere at Marcellin College and in public transport (buses, trains or ferries). For more details, refer to our school Smokefree Policy
  2. Bullying is harmful behaviour that is not acceptable at Marcellin College. This includes verbal, physical, social bullying and discrimination. For more details, refer to our school Bullying Policy and Harassment Policy.
Disciplinary procedures will be used for anyone who is caught breaching the expected behaviours, with whānau contacted to look at ways in which we can work together to provide the best pastoral support for your tamariki. In cases of extreme misconduct, continual disobedience and/or behaviour risking serious harm, the Stand-Down, Suspension or Exclusion procedures outlined by the Ministry of Education will be actioned. This is all explained in the school’s Behaviour Management Policy available to all Marcellin whānau at . If you have any questions, please contact the office .

Measles Information

Are you and your whānau protected from measles?

With people travelling overseas again, there’s a risk that someone with measles could unknowingly bring the disease back to Aotearoa.

Measles spreads easily and quickly, usually between people who are unimmunised or only partially immunised. It can be serious and life threatening. In the 2019 measles outbreak in Aotearoa more than 30% of the people infected had to be admitted to hospital.

The best protection against measles is the free MMR vaccine. It will protect you and your whānau, and prevent the virus from spreading.

You will be protected against measles if you:

• had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine
• had measles before
• were born before 1 Jan 1969.

If you’re unsure if you or your tamariki have had any or both doses of the MMR vaccine, check by calling your GP or hauora provider. Alternatively, check your Plunket Well Child Tamariki Ora book. If you’re still not sure, be safe and get immunised – there are no safety concerns with having an extra dose. MMR vaccines are free at your local health provider and many pharmacies.

As measles still occurs in many countries, if you’re travelling overseas these holidays it’s especially important to be immunised to prevent the risk of being unknowingly infected and causing an outbreak in Aotearoa on your return.

More information about the measles vaccination can be found here:

Measles vaccination – Ministry of Health

School Policy - Reviews

Kia ora koutou whānau,

Please visit the link below to see the school policies and the current policy under review for this term are:
Legislation and Administration Policy
  1. Student Attendance
  2. Enrolment
  3. Privacy
  4. Official Information Request
  5. Uniform/Dress
  6. Boarding House Policies
All reviewers
  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the username (marcellin) and password (seekthebest).
  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
  4. Read the policy.
  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select the reviewer type.
  7. Enter your name (optional).
  8. Submit your ratings and comments.
If you don't have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy and a review form.

Please email if you would like to have a hard copy provided and posted to you.

Community News and Events

Next Chapter Parenting

Children's Asthma Study

More information:!/study/68

Our study website:
Telephone: 0800 737 327

Later school start times research: have your say

We’d like to hear your opinions about later starts for Year 12 and 13 students. Click the link below to access short University of Otago research surveys for students (age 16+), parents, teachers and principals, and Board of Trustee members of NZ high schools.

The research is funded by CureKids and the study has been approved by the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee approval #22/105

SHORT and LONG TERM Homestays Families Wanted!

Kind and welcoming families are required to provide homestay accommodation for International Students.

We are expecting a number of new International Students to arrive from a range of different countries throughout the year. Inviting an overseas student into your home and family not only benefits the student, but the hosting families will also enjoy the cultural enrichment hosting brings into their home. There will be a mixture of short and long term students arriving. The International team and our Homestay Company are available to assist homestay families throughout the student's stay.

For further information re payment, please contact Ms Tiffany O’Brien ( at Marcellin College or Motoko Sugimura, KiwiCare Guardian Services Ltd (

Mount Albert Lions Rugby League: Under 16 Boys Team

Mount Albert Lions Rugby League: Under 16 boys team are looking for players for the 2023 season
Pre season training has commenced Tuesday and Thursday nights.
6.20pm Fowlds Park
Mt Albert

For more information contact Gerald (Coach) 0220483425 or Georgie (Manager) 0276120572

Sail on a Legendary Round the World Maxi Yacht - Tikapa Moana

Sail on a Legendary Round the World Maxi Yacht - Hinemoana