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The Commerce Department offers courses at Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, and Y13. At Y9, students are introduced to Commerce education in a one-term ‘taster’. The Y10 Business Studies program is a comprehensive 2 term course that introduces students to Economic Decision-Making, and a selection from sources of income, money, exchange, insurance, consumer protection laws, and elementary personal and Business Accounting. Upon completing the course, students have a strong foundation on which to make further choices in pursuing their career choices in Accounting and Economics.

The aims of an Accounting program are:

  • promote knowledge and understanding of accounting as a financial language for individuals, community organizations and businesses
  • develop key competencies in a range of economic contexts
  • apply financial knowledge and key competencies to practical situations.

To achieve these aims, students are encouraged to examine, understand and apply the assumptions on which accounting is based and to process financial data into meaningful information. They prepare financial reports to meet user needs and undertake job costings to ensure profitability. Analysis and interpretation of financial reports are carried out to make informed decisions and an appreciation of ethics and values are considered in an Accounting context.

A Deloitte sponsored ‘Grow’ program introduces students to elementary skills of running your own small business. In contrast, Y10 Business students have been introduced to ‘the social aspects of business in the second semester by Deloitte. Senior students have an opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise Scheme where they apply their entrepreneurial skills to run a business for much of the year.

Accounting is a recognized subject for university entrance.

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