Faith Development and Social Justice Group

Remar: This is the youth group within the college and is open to students in Years 10-13. It has four main elements which are: faith development, community, service and leadership. 

Young Vinnies: This is a service group in the school associated with the Saint Vincent de Paul group that is often linked to Catholic Church Parishes. This group has a real emphasis on working towards social justice and serving the most vulnerable members of the community. It usually involves planning and implementing one large project per term for the first three terms of the school year.

Mini Vinnies: This is another Young Vinnies group but it involves the Year 7-10 students and is just beginning this year.

Liturgy Leaders: This is an opportunity for students from Years 10-13 who would like a leadership role in supporting the prayer life of the College. Students in this group lead liturgies in Kaitiaki and Whānau groups each week.