International Student Fees


Tuition Fee per year NZ$14,400.00
  per term NZ$  3,600.00
Administration Fee per year NZ$     600.00
  per term NZ$     150.00

The minimum length of enrolment the school will accept is two weeks.


The College can arrange Homestay accommodation in accordance with the Code Of Practice. Weekly accommodation can vary depending on each homestay (46 weeks per school year).

Fee per week NZ$370.00
  per night NZ$52.90
Homestay Placement Fee per year NZ $300


Attendance Dues: Year 9-13 per year NZ$956.00
  per term NZ$239.00

International school uniform is acceptable for short term. Long term study will require a Marcellin College Uniform. 

Stationery (apporx. due to Year Level)    
NCEA Fees Year 11, 12 & 13 per year NZ$383.30
Ministry Levy charged per trimester NZ$11  per week
Farewell Party   NZ$15

Spending money – your child will require their own personal spending money and we suggest they open a Bank account for incidentals.

Marcellin College has devices that the students can borrow while they are studying if short term. It is recommended that if the student is studying long term they provide their own device. The preferred device is either a chromebook or laptop. 


The Marcellin College Board of Trustees guarantees a refund of International Student school fees for the application for refund complies with the following guidelines:

1. Adequate advance notification (minimum of two weeks) of intention to withdraw must be given. If you withdraw from your course of study before your originally advised course completion date you 

         may be eligible for a refund of school fees. 

2. An application for refund of fees must be made in writing. You must write to the Principal explaining why you have withdrawn from the course and provide reasons for seeking a refund. 

3. If your application is made before the start of your course, your fees will be refunded in full less an administration charge of NZ$400.

4. If Marcellin College ceases to be a signatory of provider for International Students.

5. If your application is made after the start of your course, but before the second half of your course, the amount of refund will be the unexpired fees less:

  • The proportion of the NZCEO Levy payable by the school
  • An administration charge of NZ$400
  • Any other costs already incurred.

Unexpired fees are one-twelfth of the annual fees payable multiplied  by the whole       numbers of the months remaining in the academic year, which is defined to end on 30 November.

6. If your application is made after the second half of your course, you will not receive a refund except in exceptional circumstances.

7. No refund will be made to a student who is expelled from the school by the Board of Trustees.

8. Any refund will be made to the person who paid the fees in the country of origin, i.e. the parents/guardians/representative of the student.

9. No refund will be made to a student who wishes to transfer to another school during the school year, except in exceptional circumstances.

10. No refund will be made to a student who acquires permanent residence after having enrolled at Marcellin College.

11. Fees Protection Policy: All International Students’ fees are in a protected and separately coded account.

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