Student Testimonials

Sol Chun

My years at Marcellin College could only be described by two words, “a blessing”. I was blessed to attend this school for five years of my eight year stay in New Zealand. In my five years at this amazing school, not only did I learn to perfect my English, I also learnt the true meaning of friendship and kindness. Teachers were always kind and willing to answer my sometimes outrageous questions and always earnest in giving answers. They were patient with me and were willing to explain again if I hadn’t understood. In my final year at Marcellin (in Year 13), I studied Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Modelling, Religious Education, Chemistry and Japanese. I had the option to choose which subjects I wanted to study and this was really good because it meant that I didn’t need to study the subjects I wasn’t keen on. I enjoyed learning and, even with all the studying, I found time to enjoy the extra-curricular activities also. I played girls’ basketball for four years and played waterpolo for three years. My teammates from both teams were friendly and forever encouraging. In my school life I made lifelong friends of many different cultural backgrounds. They helped me to adapt to the school in my junior years and by the time we got through to Year 13 they were my brothers and sisters. I was blessed with such an amazing gift of friendship at Marcellin College.

As an International Student I needed a place to stay while I studied because my parents were back in Korea.  I was placed in a Kiwi homestay organised by Marcellin and my host parents were “10 out of 10”. They treated me as if I was their own daughter and looked after me very well. I have been blessed in meeting such great people, in making lifelong friends and in gaining knowledge. This is all thanks to Marcellin College and to the people associated with the school.


Sui Fung

My name is Sui Fung (Myron). I come from Hong Kong and I am a seventh form (Year 13) student. I have completed a full academic programme and will go on to study at University in Auckland. I have been at Marcellin College for about two years and to this day have really enjoyed myself.I have made lots of different friends who have been nice and helpful to me.  I participated in the Under 19 basketball team. We experienced winning and losing together, and because of this our relationships have become strong.These memories will always remain with me. I also won the senior high jump competition on the school athletics day and represented Marcellin College at the Auckland Championships where I came third.  It was a great experience to represent my school.  My teachers have been kind and supportive. They show high qualities in teaching. My accommodation is great, I live close to both school and the city. Marcellin College is a wonderful place to go for study.


Bo Kyung

My name is Bo Kyung (Susanna) and I’m from Korea. I am a sixth form (Year 12) student and this is my third year at Marcellin College. I am studying to get the New Zealand qualification called NCEA.  It was a bit confusing for the first few  weeks in New Zealand, because many things were so different from my own country’s school life.  I couldn’t understand English, even a simple sentence, but I adapted to my new environment quickly. My homestay family took care of me very well. With the help of my English Language teacher, and lots of hard work, to my surprise I could understand English quickly and really started to enjoy life at Marcellin College. It was such fun to make new friends and spend time with them.  One very special memory is the International festival, which is held each year.  I wore ‘Han-Bok” which is a Korean costume and with my other Korean friends I was happy to show these beautiful clothes to other students.  I saw other countries’ great costumes and it was really interesting. Marcellin College is a school that is really helping me to achieve my goals.



Life at Marcellin College is living a life that I never expected before I came to New Zealand from Indonesia. As a new International student, I never thought I would settle at the College so quickly but, indeed, I did get accepted straight away. The tremendous amount of help from the teachers, blended with the support of my peers, have helped me to achieve my academic and sporting accomplishments.  I’ve been playing badminton for the school  for 2 years now, and this has helped me to build relationships with my peers and we have achieved good results as a team. The subjects offered at Marcellin College are widespread, from Languages to Science to Drama and many more. In Year 12 I did Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and English because I’m a science boy.  One more advantage of studying in New Zealand is that I’m able to choose my own subjects, that’s what I wasn’t able to do back in Indonesia. My homestay placement was great as well.  I was placed in a kiwi homestay,  with true kiwi people and I still am there now. This homestay is astounding; they treat me with respect as an international student and also as their own son. I have to rate the atmosphere at home 10 out 10 for sure. I believe that, in order to achieve goals, students need to be supported both at home and at school. Another life skill I have developed during my stay are my social skills, by meeting students from other parts of the world.