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The Science Department of Marcellin College provides a variety of courses to target different students’ interests, learning styles, and abilities from Years 7-13. Students are encouraged to provide a voice to help build and direct the content of lessons. Learning is differentiated and scaffolded where possible and this, along with the high expectations of the staff, is used to motivate each student to achieve to the best of their ability.

The goals of the department are to ultimately help students to:

  • Be curious, innovative, and self-managing learners
  • Use the scientific method to predict outcomes, design and carry out experiments, and present their findings
  • Work collaboratively with others and in various roles within a group
  • Become digitally literate and environmentally responsible citizens
  • Value, appreciate, and respect the diversity of life and the natural, chemical and physical forces that shape the world around us.


Courses at all junior levels include study in the areas of Biology (Living World), Chemistry (Material World), Physics (Physical World), and the environment and our place in the universe (Planet Earth and Beyond). These courses then begin to specialize in Year 11 before splitting into the different disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in Years 12 and 13.

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